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How to Get Peppermint in Hi-Fi Rush


You play as Chai, a wannabe rock star, in the vibrant and engaging video game Hi-Fi Rush. You and your companions are fighting back against a sinister tech corporation to the beat of the music in this action-adventure rhythm game. Hi-Fi Rush was a huge success when it was first unveiled, surprising even its creators. While there were several rumors regarding the planned Tango Gameworks, we were yet to learn it will debut so soon. How to obtain peppermint in hi-fi rush is explained in this post.

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How to Unlock Peppermint in Hi-Fi Rush

The first boss, QA-1MIL, must be vanquished in order to gain access to Peppermint, an ally Chai can recruit for his ensemble team in Hi-Fi Rush. After you’ve dispatched QA-1MIL, the cat 808 will usher you into a cut scene where you’ll meet Peppermint for the first time.

The next stage’s instructions will need to be followed, and just before you face the game’s second boss, you’ll go through a series of tutorials that explain how to use Peppermint in combat. Peppermint should be summoned if destruction or activation of things requires her shooting abilities.

How to Get Peppermint in Hi-Fi Rush

To summon her, simply hold RT while pointing in the direction you want her to shoot from. Peppermint, for instance, may discharge glass and shatter it. You can use RS to aim freely by holding RT. You have some freedom of movement with Chai, but if he wanders too far from Peppermint, she will flee.

How to Get Peppermint in Hi-Fi Rush

The process of obtaining Peppermint is connected to the overall narrative. While in other games, such as Fire Emblem, you need to complete various side quests in order to gain certain characters, you don’t have to do it here. You need just finish the story at this point. The following is the procedure to obtain Peppermint:

  • Get to QA-1MIL, the game’s first boss, and vanquish him.
  • Check out the cutscene to get to know Peppermint.
  • Peppermint will join your team once you’ve gone through the lessons and learned how to use her.

Peppermint is a terrific character who possesses a wide variety of useful talents that will unquestionably make your journey a great deal less difficult. But for now, let’s focus on mastering the Peppermint skill in Hi-Fi Rush.

How to Use Peppermint

The first time you go into battle with Peppermint, she can be called in to help break down obstacles and stun adversaries, opening up more space for Chai to strike. During a combat, you don’t have to stop and aim as Peppermint will strike whichever adversary Chai is currently targeting.

Peppermint can also juggle enemies in the air, a skill that comes in handy for diverting less formidable foes’ attacks away from Chai so that he can concentrate on stronger foes first. Keep in mind that you can only call Peppermint into battle once her gauge has fully replenished. You should also put aside some Gears so that Peppermint’s abilities can be improved over time.


Is Peppermint in Hi-Fi Rush?

Peppermint plays a pivotal role in the events of Hi-Fi Rush. As the brains behind 808, she is the first true hero Chai encounters. Peppermint is a computer whiz and mechanic’s dream, and she uses those skills to infiltrate Vandelay’s organization and learn the truth about his deeds.

Are peppermint and kale related Hi-Fi Rush?

In an effort to persuade consumers to buy Vandelay products, Kale, Peppermint’s brother and Roxanne’s son, took control of the company and reshaped it in his image. Chai and his companions, and Peppermint in particular, saw him as their worst opponent.

Is Kale dead in Hi-Fi Rush?

Kale’s final words before his suit explodes are “this is just too much work,” and they are followed by a hilariously sad death scene. Now Kale is actually dead, but there’s a bit more to the narrative if you go back through the game after the credits and uncover all the hidden SPECTRA doors.

Who is the cat in Hi-Fi Rush?

808 appears as a black mechanical cat. She has blue markings at the tips of her whiskers and tails and wears a crimson collar with a kanji that seems like it was inspired by Metallica. When someone interrupts 808, the color of that person’s segment can change (for example, if Peppermint starts talking over Macaron, the green segment will turn blue).