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Hi-Fi Rush – How to Defeat Korsica


For every character in the game, especially those who eventually come together to form the core group, players will find an abundance of narrative and dialogue. There will be spoilers because one of the individuals in the last group is Korsica, Kale’s subordinate who served as Vandelay University’s head of security. However, many gamers are interested in her persona, particularly her background and mannerisms. Hi-Fi Rush has six primary bosses that you must fight, the third of them is Korsica, the head of Vandelay security. This post will teach you how to defeat Korsica in HiFi Rush:

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Stage One

Like in a swordfight, Korsica and Chai will sidestep across from one another. Macaron will joke about with them and explain that he believes the best course of action is to never fight Korsica because if you do this, she will be more inclined to cooperate with you in order to get her password. She’ll get ready to deliver her first blow after a few cutthroat phrases.

The quantity of lightning bolts over Korsica’s head represents the number of strikes she is getting ready for in time with the music. You’ll receive a blue and a pink ring for your first parry; line up the pink ring with the blue ring for a perfectly timed parry, but you’ll have to figure out the subsequent strikes based just on the beat. To injure Korsica, you must parry every attack; if you fail a parry, Chai will be harmed, forcing you to repeat the parry cycle.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Defeat Korsica

In addition, Korsica will roast you and your colleagues will reprimand you, in case you needed further evidence that something went wrong. Note that button mashing helps during these assaults, even though you still need to time your parry to the beat. Even though you’ll probably mash on the correct spot, mistakes can nonetheless happen. Even though you may still miss a few parries, button mashing is still your best option if you are struggling to make your parries.

The bonus challenge associated with these parries is the only other item to be concerned about. The goal is to complete this boss encounter with eighty percent accuracy or higher overall. Unless you have a natural knack for rhythm, you shouldn’t worry about this challenge until you give it another go later. If you parry Korsica too many times, you’ll eventually drive her insane.

Stage Two

Combining her weapons into a long pole, Korsica can create green tornadoes by twisting it. You can only avoid the tornadoes; you cannot deflect them. A purple zigzag above her head indicates Korsica’s usual strikes; avoid the tornadoes by parrying her normal blows. Everything else will remain unchanged: you cannot target Korsica directly and must time your blows carefully to avoid being struck.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Defeat Korsica

From here on, though, the final portion is even more crucial because Chai won’t heal in between phases but Korsica will. Korsica’s ability to send a tornado to you after a strike requires her to leap back, which is an added bonus. A tornado-related strike will still be swift, so be careful to keep in mind what she has planned to throw at you. Once you get through this stage, the last one will start.

Stage Three

You can be sure that this will be the hardest phase even if Korsica doesn’t add anything to her arsenal this time. Korsica will begin launching attacks in shorter bursts; for example, she will design two standard strikes that you must parry, then she will launch further attacks that will come at you faster than you can anticipate them. If you were button mashing, keep in mind that Korsica must jump back in order to avoid tornadoes; you should only be concerned with the dodge button at that point.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Defeat Korsica

Having saying that, she will occasionally open with a tornado, so before you mash, try to check what icons emerge over her head. Using this strategy won’t make the fight difficult to win; you’ll just need to be extra cautious about which buttons you press and not confuse them for one another. The accuracy total determines the challenge, just like it was in the first two stages. A cutscene will play and Korsica will be flung back once you have completed her.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Defeat Korsica

However, you are still in this phase of the game because a new prompt will appear out of nowhere. You must synchronize with this instruction to grasp Korsica in your arms before she touches down. Catching her will open up a challenge for the mural in your hideout, and a successful catch will go toward your level’s letter score. If you don’t follow the prompt, Korsica will land right behind Chai, and your teammates will make fun of you for not succeeding. In any case, the battle is ended, and track seven and the subsequent narrative come next.

Korsica’s role in Hi-Fi Rush

Above all, Korsica was Vandelay University’s previous Head of Security. She manages all of the paperwork, scheduling, software, and physical labor needed to carry out her duties. She stands out from the others in the group, though, being the only Department Head at Vandelay University without direct access to Project SPECTRA.

In the end, Chai and the group must locate her in order to obtain her SPECTRA passcode, which results in an altercation with her. Korsica struggles both before and during the confrontation to decide whether to stick by Kale and the University or to turn against them in light of the information she finds out about SPECTRUM and Kale’s mistrust of her. Chai saves Korsica’s life when Kale tries to kill her shortly after firing her, having defeated her in combat. Tell of a difficult day.

Following various medical operations by Peppermint and CNMN, Korsica’s life is saved, and she chooses to become a part of the squad to defeat Kale and Vandelay University. Her skills in combat work to create wind that puts out fires and stuns adversaries, which makes her an essential weapon in late-game warfare. She may cause generators to overheat when not in combat, which enables players to advance to later stages and access hidden locations.


Does peppermint like Korsica Hi-Fi Rush?

It’s unclear if Peppermint’s affections are reciprocated, although she seems apprehensive about the Head of Security’s praises and blushes when winked at. Aside from being different colors, Peppermint’s prosthethic leg resembled an SBR-001’s in the early stages of the game’s prototype.

How do you beat Mimosa in Hi-Fi Rush?

For the time being, avoiding them is the easiest thing to do. Call in Peppermint in between airborne assaults and use your grapple to drag yourself to Mimosa. In this manner, you can both attack her at the same moment and do a good deal of joint damage.

What rank is best in Hi-Fi Rush?

In Hi-Fi Rush, every battle encounter assigns a letter grade to your skill level, which goes all the way up to the coveted S-Rank. Every stage in the game has the potential to be S-Ranked, providing players with an engaging challenge and an opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of all game difficulties.

How do you beat Roquefort Hi-Fi Rush?

Even if it might not seem conceivable, you can defeat Roquefort! To reduce Roquefort’s health, you must continually bring in your team, avoid the bigger blows, and strike him when the opportunity arises. Roquefort will revert to his human shape and begin to run around the area as soon as his health bar reaches the bottom third.

Who is the main character in Hi-Fi Rush?

The primary playable character in Hi-Fi Rush is Chai. One of the game’s Heroes, Chai is a college dropout who was turned into a “defect” by a Project Armstrong experiment gone wrong, prompting Vandelay Technologies want to use him.