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Hi-Fi Rush – How to Get the S Rank


The plot of Hi-Fi Rush revolves around Chai, an aspiring rock star, and his friends as they battle department by department with a group of allies to escape an experiment gone horribly wrong while battling an evil corporation using rhythmic combat. In particular, perfectionists will be preoccupied with getting the S rank, the highest rank in Hi-Fi Rush. You will learn how to obtain S Rank in Hi-Fi Rush by reading this article:

How to Get the S Rank

Every battle encounter will assign a letter grade to your skill level; the highest grade, S-Rank, can be attained in all difficulty settings. However, it should be noted that easy mode may leave you with less leeway because there are fewer combo and bonus opportunities.

To get S-Rank, three factors are measured:

  • Score: Using as many moves as possible and dealing as much damage as possible during a battle will increase your score.
  • Just Timing:  The key to this is maintaining your rhythm; it’s all about how many of your moves—not just attacks, but also dashes and jumps—fall on the beat. You need an accuracy of 85% or higher to reach S-Rank.
  • Time: Your final grade will increase with the speed at which you complete a battle, but you should balance dealing combos and speed. To help you figure this out, a “par time” appears!

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Get the S Rank

You can raise your score by obtaining bonuses, which appear next to your score and activate automatically. These include Aerial Rave, a bonus for attacking enemies in midair, and Magnet Link, where you’ll gain extra points for using the magnet to grapple instead of running between enemies. A score multiplier of up to 10x is available when you receive multiple bonuses in a row, which will significantly raise your score!

Rhythm Is Key For Getting a Hi-Fi Rush S-Rank

It should go without saying, but maintaining the beat is essential to earning an S-Rank rating. Your ability to flow with the music is the sole focus of the Just Timing section of your final score. For many of us, it just takes practice; however, there is no secret formula here.

Hi-Fi Rush - How to Get the S Rank

Those with an innate sense of rhythm are at an advantage. To help you keep time, look for visual cues such as the 808’s light pulsating, signs flashing, enemies attacking to the beat, and ground grates moving to the music. You can also use the optional visualizer, which you can access via a tab, keyboard, or controller view.


How do you get points in Hi-Fi Rush?

Having said that, there are a few things players can do to improve their overall score while engaging in combat. Combat in video games like Devil May Cry is similar in that high score runs can be achieved through stylish moves like chaining attacks, using special moves, and hitting combat bonuses.

Is SEB AAA a reference in Hi-Fi Rush?

A robot known as SEB-AAA can be found in the game a few times. Like Sebastian Castellanos, he can be found exploring the Vandelay campus, making observations about the state of the world, and being quite depressing about it all.

What rank is best in Hi-Fi Rush?

In Hi-Fi Rush, every battle encounter assigns a letter grade to your skill level, which goes all the way up to the coveted S-Rank. Every stage in the game has the potential to be S-Ranked, providing players with an engaging challenge and an opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of all game difficulties.

How do you do special attacks in Hi-Fi Rush?

Players will be able to buy and swap out new Special Attacks after they first arrive at Peppermint’s Shop. To access the Equip menu, navigate to the ‘Special Attacks’ tab in the Shop and press ‘Left Trigger’ on an Xbox or ‘Shift’ on a PC.

Who is the red hair girl in Hi-Fi Rush?

In Hi-Fi Rush, Korsica plays a pivotal role as both a protagonist and a major antagonist. She is the youngest of the six main bosses in the game and the head of security at Vandelay Technologies.