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Starfield – How to Get To Neon


While Neon isn’t quite the “crime” capital of Starfield, it is undoubtedly unethical. It’s full of vibrant lights, intriguing individuals, and opportunities for mischief. In Starfield, some resources are harder to find than others. Some of the more than a thousand planets may only have some of them, but even so, they may be necessary for creating a great deal of the essential goods and equipment you desire. You may learn how to get to Neon in Starfield by reading this article:

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Neon Farming Location

Buying it from merchants and combining gathering makes for the most effective farming strategy. Planet Jemison will logically come into view if you play the game’s narrative. Neon may be purchased from the vendor within Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis, which you can visit here.

Starfield - How to Get To Neon

The merchant at Jemison will sell it to you right away, however some merchants’ items won’t be added until you reach particular levels. After you’ve bought everything they have in neon, find somewhere to relax for a full day and then return to check whether more has been added. You can increase your Neon reserves by repeating this technique multiple times if you have a little patience.

How to Get To Neon

After initially arriving in New Atlantis, players are free to go to Neon whenever they choose and are not required to wait for the main plot to advance to do so. Players must go to the Volii system, which is located just past the Olympus System and to the right of Alpha Centauri in Starfield, to reach Neon.

Starfield - How to Get To Neon

In the Volii system, Neon is a metropolis on the planet Volii Alpha. Players can travel directly from places in Alpha Centauri, including Jemison, to the Volii system, despite the lengthy fuel cost.

Once on Volii Alpha, players can choose to land the ship near the city entrance by scanning the planet and selecting Neon as the landing site. While the game advises level five status before accessing Neon, players who do not yet have it can still visit the area at their discretion.

Starfield - How to Get To Neon

How to Use Neon

Compared to other materials like aluminum and cobalt, neon is not used as frequently. There are actually only three crafting recipes that use it, and they are all weapon mods. This comes with two laser mods: the Laser Sight mod and the Foregrip With Laser Sight mod.

Starfield - How to Get To Neon

One optic mod, the Red Dot Sight, also uses it. As you progress through the game and switch out your weapons, you’ll need to utilize all of these mods frequently, so you’ll need to have a constant supply of Neon on hand.

What to Do In Neon in Starfield

The primary motivation for traveling to Neon during the initial stages of Starfield is the sixth task in the game, “All That Money Can Buy.” To put it mildly, you’ll embark on an adventure alongside Walter, the wealthy man who finances Constellation, as you try to buy another relic from an enigmatic buyer.

Starfield - How to Get To Neon

However, there are also more reasons that you might want to arrive at Neon early. For instance, a Trade Authority is among the many stores that will buy anything you have, no questions asked (provided that the contraband can pass past Neon’s scanners on the way in).

Next is the Astral Lounge, where you can hire crew members and your favorite companion, Mickey Caviar, to help you on your trip. Boone Morgan, the bartender, can also provide you with some Aurora. Since this medicine is prohibited in the Settled Systems, if you pass through a scanner without any precautions, it will be confiscated from you. For ten seconds, it does, however, slow down time by 40%.


Where is the Neon ship in Starfield?

Navigating to the right of their map and approaching the Volii System will lead players to Neon in Starfield. Neon is the main location inside the Volii Alpha planet. Players should be prepared for their ship to perhaps be scanned for a bounty or contraband as the Freestar Collective owns this area.

What’s the best ship to buy in Starfield?

Arguably the best ship in the entire game, the Narwhal is also one of the priciest. This class C blue beast will set you back over 400,000 credits, but it is exceptionally well-rounded and can jump as high as 30LY, so you can go anywhere you want.

Where is Neon tactical Starfield?

Situated between Legrandes Liquors and the Trade Authority, across from the Freestar Rangers headquarters.

Can you fight the helix Starfield?

The Helix will escape even if players are winning the battle, and they will not receive any reward for their efforts in the form of experience points. Attacking a ship that the player is unfamiliar with, or if the species within are extraterrestrial or something else entirely, is usually not a good idea. Using the Grav Drive is the third and best choice.