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High-Capacity Storage from TEAMGROUP: MP33Q M.2 PCIe SSD and T-FORCE VULCAN Z QLC SSD 4TB


In response to the growing demand for high-capacity storage upgrades, TEAMGROUP has introduced two new QLC solid state drives (SSDs), namely the MP33Q M.2 PCIe SSD and the T-FORCE VULCAN Z QLC SSD. These two QLC SSDs, which have capacities of up to 2 terabytes and, respectively, 4 terabytes, are the ideal upgrade options for computer users who are searching for additional storage space to either install or store operating systems, programs, games, or documents. The TEAMGROUP MP33Q M.2 PCIe SSD is built with 3D QLC flash memory chips, a PCIe Gen3x4 interface, and NVMe 1.3 protocol in order to cater to the many requirements for storage upgrades that customers may have.

It exceeds SATA III SSDs by a factor of five, as its read speed can reach up to 2,500MB/s and its write speed can reach up to 2,100MB/s. The TEAMGROUP MP33Q M.2 PCIe SSD is a storage solution that is at the very top of its class on the market as a result of its superior SLC Cache technology and carefully selected 3D QLC NAND flash. The T-FORCE VULCAN Z QLC SSD, on the other hand, has a sequential read speed of up to 550MB/s and a write performance of up to 500MB/s. It also has a SATA III 6Gb/s interface and carefully-selected QLC flash. Not only does the maximum capacity configuration have the ability to house 4 terabytes, but it also provides gamers with great performance and vast storage space to meet all of their requirements.

The T-FORCE VULCAN Z QLC SSD has a low-profile matte gray finish with the T-FORCE logo prominently displayed on top. This makes it an excellent and aesthetically pleasing upgrade for gamers. Both the TEAMGROUP MP33Q M.2 PCIe SSD and the T-FORCE VULCAN Z QLC SSD offer customers of solid-state drives (SSD) excellent speeds and massive storage capacities, making them cutting-edge options for SSD shoppers. These solid-state drives (SSDs) support the Windows TRIM optimization commands as well as the SMART health monitoring technology. This ensures that the read and write conditions of the SSDs are maintained and that the SSDs’ lifespans are extended, providing safe and secure data storage. Beginning in April 2023, both of these goods will be made available across the globe.