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How To Evolve Spritzee And Swirlix In Pokemon GO


Both Spritzee and Swirlix are Fairy-type Pokemon that originate from the Kalos area and are among the most recent Pokemon to be added to Pokemon GO. In the games based on the main series, these two Pokemon only evolve into a higher form if they have completed a specific procedure.

When traded while holding a unique item, Spritzee and Swirlix can both grow into higher forms in the main series. However, the way they operate in Pokemon GO is a little bit different. You might have noticed that their overview page states “journey together to evolve.” If so, this is what that implies and how you might evolve these adorable new Pokemon.

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How to Catch Spritzee and Swirlix

If you wish either of these Pokemon to evolve into a higher form, you will first need to capture them. Both of them can be found in the wild, although you probably won’t come across them very frequently because to how unusual they are. You can find them both.

Spritzee and Swirlix will both hatch from eggs at a distance of 2 kilometres, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to track them down. These two Fairy-types are not yet accessible either as raid prizes or as field research encounter rewards at this time.

How to Evolve Spritzee in Pokemon GO

When a Spritzee is exchanged while it is carrying a Sachet, it will evolve in the games of the main series. Sachets do not appear to be a part of the Pokemon GO experience, so you will need to find an alternative technique.

To evolve it, you’ll need fifty Spritzee candies, and after you have them, you may begin the evolution process, which goes as follows:

  • Spritzee should become your close companion.
  • While it is your companion, you should light an incense that you have in your inventory.
  • You should evolve your Spritzee into an Aromatisse by going back to the page that contains it in the Pokemon game.

It would appear that in order to evolve Spritzee, you are need to use an Incense while it is still a member of your party. Because of this, you will not be able to evolve a Spritzee that already has an active Incense by making it your buddy and evolving it, nor will you be able to evolve several Spritzee with a single Incense.

After being given some berries in Pokemon GO, a Spritzee does not need to remain on the map in order for it to evolve into a more powerful Pokémon. It will evolve as long as it is still your friend, the Incense was activated in that certain order, and you have at least 50 candies in your candy bag.

How to Evolve Swirlix in Pokemon GO

In the main series, in order for Swirlix to evolve, it, like Spritzee, needs to have its item, in this instance a Whipped Dream, swapped while it is in its possession. However, things work a little bit differently with Pokemon GO.

In addition, you will need 50 candies in order to evolve Swirlix in Pokemon GO; hence, once you have obtained these candies, you will be able to proceed with the evolution procedure.

  1. Make Swirlix your pal.
  2. To begin playing with your Swirlix friend, click the “PLAY!” button.
  3. 25 times of feeding Swirlix (it can be any combination of berries and poffins).
  4. You need to revisit the page for Swirlix’s Pokemon in order to evolve it into Slurpuff.

By clicking on the phrase that reads “adventure together to evolve” on Swirlix’s summary page, you will be able to keep track of the number of times that you have given it a treat. There will be a counter displayed here out of 25. Swirlix does not have have to be on the map in order to evolve, but if it has recently been fed, there is a good chance that it will be there.