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Terra Nil – How to Use Monorail


In Terra Nil, the Monorail is a helpful mechanic that lets players recycle equipment and construct structures like coral reefs. You can navigate across each zone much more quickly if you learn how to use Monorail Nodes. It will depend on the level you’re playing and possibly the alternate level you’re on because they’re not always available. You will learn how to operate the monorail in Terra Nul in this article:

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How to Unlock Monorail Nodes

You must advance through the levels far enough to unlock Monorail Nodes before you may use them. This implies that you will also have to finish the first stage, which is about repairing your wasteland. You will be able to access the second tab, which might or might not contain the Monorail, once you have cleaned up enough contaminated area.

Terra Nil - How to Use Monorail

Here’s what to know if you’re playing on a stage that has it. Initially, you can affix Monorail Nodes to nearby rocks. If you don’t already have any rocks, you might be able to make some with igneous heat sinks and clarifiers. These are the main techniques, though there are a few other gimmicks.

How to Use the Monorail

Monorail nodes can be built above historic structures or atop natural stone formations. Before you place the node, they must be close enough to each other to be visible through a green highlight. Click a node near the building you wish to move to utilize a Monorail. The building can then be moved and placed by clicking on it as well as the space adjacent to a Monorail node.

Terra Nil - How to Use Monorail

This method can be used to shift any form of building. It’s also helpful for making Coral Reef, which is something you’ll need to achieve for the second task.


How do you use coral Lab Terra Nil?

Click the coral building and the water that is within the monorail building’s reach. They must be set up on an irrigator, which will serve as the coral laboratory. After that, you must click on a monorail pole next to the lab and choose an appropriate area of the ocean to drop in the coral, which will bloom, next to another connected monorail pole.

How do you recycle Terra Nil?

One way to achieve this is by erecting recycling silos, which effectively draw in all neighboring buildings. The most effective method for recycling buildings near water is to use a recycling drone-boat to load docks along waterways and gather up buildings that are vacuumed up.

How do you make mangroves in Terra Nil?

After 150 tiles of wetlands are built, the Salinator unlocks. As before, the Hydroponium produces wetlands; however, wetlands that come into contact with the ocean give rise to the mangrove biome. Wetlands are not necessary for this map; the Salinator will turn wetlands into mangroves even if they are distant from the coast.

How do you place the airship in Terra Nil?

The Airship needs to be positioned at least five tiles wide. There can be a requirement for a water supply depending on the region. You will deploy a recycling drone to start the recycling process in temperate and continental zones. The drone will gather supplies from Loading Dock to the Airship.

How many levels are there in Terra Nil?

You are free to push yourself if you so want. You can also take a seat back and slowly progress through a level. The game remains manageable with only eight stages, allowing for replayability as you experiment with different defaults and try to locate every animal or accomplish every alternative goal.