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Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Room of Requirement


In Hogwarts Legacy, the Room of Requirement functions much like a home base, allowing you to decorate, concoct potions, cultivate plants, care for animals, and do much more. You will discover, however, that using it is contingent upon the successful completion of a predetermined series of objectives before you can use it. This guide will explain to you how to obtain the required room in the Hogwarts legacy game:

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How To Find The Room Of Requirement

You won’t be able to start the quest to explore the Room of Requirement until you have first completed the Tomes and Tribulations quest and assisted a player character named Richard Jackdaw. Following this, you will be granted access to Flying Classes, as well as the ability to unlock your broom and the Room of Requirement. You’ve been playing for a few hours, so keep an eye out for Jackdaw’s quest as a hint that you’re getting close.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Room of Requirement

How to Access the Room of Requirement

Once you have gained access to the Room of Requirement, you won’t have to waste time searching the corridors for it in order to return there to check on the progress of the many projects you are working on. Instead, pull up your Hogwarts Map and search for an emblem of a sun that is located directly over the school. This is the marker for “secret rooms,” and if you click it, you will see both the Room of Requirement and the Map Camber Floo Flame pointers, which let you to teleport yourself directly into the room itself.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Room of Requirement

How To Use The Room Of Requirement

The Room of Requirements will serve multiple purposes, consolidate a large number of activities into a single location to eliminate the need for time-consuming travel, and even provide one-of-a-kind possibilities. It also allows you a great deal of personalization through the use of trophies, furnishings, and other rewards that you have earned throughout your time at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Room of Requirement

What Can You Do In The Room?

Specifically, the Room of Need allows you to do the following:

  • Use the Desk Of Description to determine the identity of your mysterious equipment. The gear’s properties and characteristics will be unlocked upon contact, allowing you to put it on immediately.
  • Create areas where you can cultivate plants and manufacture potions, such as several Potting Tables and Potion Stations. at order to create new products and construct other stations, you will need to purchase the recipes at Hogsmeade.
  • You can alter the room’s ambiance to your liking by selecting one of four motifs, which range from botanical to gothic.
  • Make solely decorative furniture out of the Moonstones.

At a later point in the game, you can also:

  • You can get better equipment at the Enchanted Loom.
  • Store your domesticated magical creatures in a Vivarium.

Time and money can be saved using the Room of Requirement, which provides the tools necessary to maintain war readiness.


Is Hogwarts Legacy huge?

Compared to games like Skyrim or the most recent Assassin’s Creed titles, it’s hardly the most enormous RPG map. Hogwarts Legacy, on the other hand, makes up for its relatively small geographical area by being incredibly dense.

Is Hogwarts Legacy a huge game?

It has a precise area of 2.95 square miles. In-game time can be spent exploring the game’s expansive world and visiting its many unique destinations. We know there are games with bigger areas, but 2.95 square miles is huge enough to spend dozens of hours exploring.

What is the largest common room in Hogwarts Legacy?

They discovered that Slytherin has the largest common room overall, with Hufflepuff coming in as a close second. The designers had greater area to work with because the common rooms for Gryffindor and Ravenclaw are in the main part of the castle, whereas those for Slytherin and Hufflepuff are underground.

Should I choose Slytherin in Hogwarts Legacy?

Not much will change if you decide to join Slytherin (you don’t have to be sorted here to dabble in the Dark Arts). It’s possible, though, that you’ll have more opportunities to mingle with Ominis Gaunt, Imelda Reyes, and Sebastian Sallow, among other fifth-year Slytherins.