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Wow Wotlk Best Prot Warrior Race


If you want to see that where the Protection Warriors fall in the rankings among DPS specs in Wotlk Classic, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will be explaining all about the Wotlk best Prot Warrior Race. We will also explain how the classes and specializations can affect multiple factors in the game.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Poses a high threat and can cause serious damage compared to other tanks.
  • It is extremely mobile and has multiple gap-closers.
  • AoE tanks have the highest initial threat.
  • A diverse toolkit, that comes with multiple stuns, interrupts, and threats. You can also encounter unique utilities like the Spell Reflection IconSpell Reflection.


  • Most of your mitigation will come from blocking, which might not be of help always
  • There will be no additional defensive measures gained by the WotLK.
  • Less versatile as compared to other tanks.
  • -Incorrect stigma which claims it to be a bad tank. Might be less desired than other classes.

Races For The Protection Warrior In WotLK

Here we will explain the different benefits of the races for the Protection of Warrior in WotLK. Some are much stronger than others and will help you to deal with the damage easily and survive for a longer time.


Draenei is a strong race available in the PvE content for Alliance. It has a Heroic Presence and will be a great start to boost the entire party. The group that you will be playing with will matter a lot. This buff will help you to Hit the Rating and the rest of the players playing with you at the party. Draenei is one of the most powerful choices for you.


Humans will always continue to be the best choice in the Protection Warriors in WotLK. In this race, you will have the Sword Specialization and Mace Specialization. This will help you to increase your Expertise. Humans are also the strongest race and will help you to survive in the game easily. You can also get a PvP trinket in your PvP game.


Dwarves are very much like Humans. They have Mace Specialization and allow you to get racial grants that are more than the Human version. Dwarfs are only limited to the maces only and restrict the options of weapons. Dwarves also have some uses in the PvE and can prove to be quite powerful. There is a decent tank cooldown and a minor short duration, which makes them helpful in the race.

Night Elf

Night Elves offer improved Quickness and are a great defensive tool. They reduce the chance of ranged attacks and reduce the risks of the players getting hit by 2 percent. This is the best defensive racial and will make you powerful on the Alliance side. You can get the chance to get a threat that is focused on the race instead.


Troll is a great pick for the Protection Warrior. It is a Troll racial, that grants a 20% increase in the Haste. It allows you to play the race in a crowd and will help you to get a Heroic Strike. This might also increase the threat output. Troll race will help you to reduce the damage against the monsters and beasts that you encounter.


Orc offers the players with Axe Specialization and will give you the option to use a wide range of tanking weapons. You can also use the racial bonus. Orcs can get the Blood Fury as they have a racial ability on the Attack Power trinket. The Attack Power is granted by the racial and is a no-use buff. You should always keep in mind that Orc will be ideal for the DPS Warrior specializations.


Taurens is a racial buff that increases your buffing chances by up to 5%. They can help to improve your total health and base health. It provides the players with around 400 health points and will grant them a position in the WotLK. Tauren is a great defensive choice on the Horde side.

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Best Professions To Take In The Protection Warrior in Wrath of the Lich King


Engineering continues to be the best profession in the Protection Warrior in Wrath of the Lich King.  It works wonders with the Prot Warriors and will give you an extra edge when you need it. It will increase your uptime and will help you to get certain bosses.

Make sure to grab all the Engineering enchants as this will help you to reduce the risk of getting hit by a threat. You will also get a boost in the Haste Rating and will skyrocket your threat generation.

Engineering explosives will continue all through the WotLK. It remains to be a powerful option as there is a huge amount of extra damage. If you don’t feel bad, then there are a few passive stats that will provide you with a gain.


Jewelcrafting is a powerful profession in the Wrath of the Lich King. This is used by all the classes and will provide you with a Solid Dragon’s Eye Icon. It can also boost Stamina when you craft jewels.