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Hogwarts Legacy: Unlocking the Landing Platforms Challenges & Locations


The lack of collectibles in an open-world game is inexcusable. The Landing Platforms are one of the rarest categories in Hogwarts Legacy. These can include everything from finishing the Merlin Trials to tracking down relics of ancient magic. Those who wish to take on every possible task can do so anytime. It’s easy to miss some interesting side tasks while focusing on the big and obvious ones; the Landing Platform challenge is one example. By reading this post, find out how to beat the Landing Platforms Challenges in Hogwarts Legacy!

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What Are Landing Platforms?

You need to gain access to flight before you can finish Landing Platforms. This is possible after the first day of Flying school early in the game. Challenges of the “Landing Platform” variety can be found all around the globe.  These little platforms are great places to land when you’re out and about in the world on your broom.

When you step foot on one, it will spin and light up, adding to your tally of discovered Landing Platforms. Twenty such Landing Platforms can be found in various locations across the globe.

Hogwarts Legacy: Unlocking the Landing Platforms Challenges

You won’t be given the task of locating these Landing Platforms until after you’ve landed on the first one. That’s why it’s simple to overlook them during gameplay. Without a focused effort to finish everything, you might never see these.

How do Landing Platforms work?

The four braziers on Landing Platforms are unlit and add to the platform’s distinctive, decorative feel. Once you’ve unlocked your broom, you may fly to them and land on them to “collect” the firewood by lighting it. Stand on them for as long as the platform rotates and the fires are fully lit for maximum credit.

Hogwarts Legacy: Unlocking the Landing Platforms Challenges

There are a total of 20, and for each one you find and use, you’ll earn one of four rewards from the Challenge submenu. While you won’t be able to see them individually, you may get an idea of how many are still in a specific region by zooming out and tallying up the totals.

Why Complete The Landing Platform Challenge?

In addition to being necessary if you want to see everything that Hogwarts Legacy offers, the Landing Platform tasks give you a shot at a Quidditch Captain outfit for your particular Hogwarts House. You can’t get this garment any other way.

Hogwarts Legacy: Unlocking the Landing Platforms Challenges

Any fan of broomstick flying or the sport of Quidditch should read it. Each level of this challenge grants access to a different part of the Quidditch Captain uniform. Finding two platforms on the first level, six on the second, twelve on the third, and all twenty on the final level.

All Landing Platform Rewards

The entire Quidditch Captain set consists of four items, each of which is unlocked in conjunction with a specified number of platforms. You can’t actually play Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy, but at least you can act like you are with this set. Here’s the breakdown of when you get access to what:

  • Two Platforms: Quidditch Captain Uniform
  • Six Platforms: Quidditch Captain Helmet
  • Twelve Platforms: Quidditch Captain Gloves
  • Twenty Platforms: Quidditch Captain Cape

Hogwarts Legacy: Unlocking the Landing Platforms Challenges

These benefits are not automatically granted once you locate the necessary number of Landing Platforms. You can choose to claim each one as you go, like any other Collection task in Hogwarts Legacy, or wait until you have collected them all and claim them at once. You can claim them by going to your Collections tab and clicking on them.


What is the locked challenge Hogwarts Legacy?

To finish this secret mission, you must uncover three Hogwarts mysteries and decipher their puzzles. You’ll be rewarded handsomely for your efforts; once you’ve discovered each secret, you’ll receive a prize. Bathing suit, tailcoat, and stylish robes befitting a Secret Solver.

Can you breed a phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy?

Twelve of the game’s thirteen Beasts are capable of breeding with one another. The Phoenix is the only unique species in the game that cannot be reproduced.

Can you get expelled from Hogwarts in Legacy?

It’s possible that being expelled will play a role in the plot. Not after the fifth year, though. You wouldn’t be a potential customer for jam city anymore if you were ejected. Therefore, relax.

How long should I keep the secret Hogwarts Legacy?

When you tell Fig, “I intend to keep it contained here,” she can relax, knowing you won’t make the same mistakes as Isidora did and can decide whether to keep the secret “for now” or “forever.” Fig believes this is the best course of action regardless of your decision.