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Starfield: Location of the ECS Constant


The ECS Constant can be located in Starfield by following the “Location of the ECS Constant” mission in your mission log and travelling to several solar systems using a Grav Drive with a range of at least 22 light years. It’s a spaceship that serves as the backdrop for the optional quest First Contact and represents a fascinating moment in human history. get out where to get the ecs constant in Starfield with the help of this article.

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How to Get to the ECS Constant in Starfield

Porrima II, the second planet in the Porrima system, is where you’ll find the ECS Constant. Several missions take place on the planet where the Paradiso resort is located. Jaffa, Bolivar, Ophiuchi, and Lantana are the other star systems in the neighbourhood of the Porrima system.

When Porrima II appears, choose it by clicking on it, and then press the Set Course key that appears in the lower right corner of the screen. With this, you’ll enter Porrima II’s orbit. At orbital altitude, the ECS Constant may be mistaken for a “Unidentified Ship.”

You’ve found the right ship, and you need to go within 500 meters of it in order to dock. Don’t get on it until you’ve started the quest First Contact, though. The prompt to contact a Chief Sugiyama in Paradiso appears as soon as you enter Porrima II’s orbit.

Where to Find ECS Constant Before First Contact

You should hurry to the Porrima system if you haven’t started First Contact yet and you want to take part in one of the game’s more interesting optional quests. If you use the Olympus system as a reference point, you’ll notice that the Porrima system is located a little distance to the northeast.

Starfield: Location of the ECS Constant

The Porrima system’s second planet, Porrima II, is where you’ll find the ECS Constant once you’ve arrived. There’s even a tiny dot you may visit on the sky atlas. The First Contact side mission, which begins with your arrival on Paradiso, will be added to your quest diary once you reach the planet.

Where to Find ECS Constant After Completing First Contact

After First Contact, the ECS Constant will most likely depart the Porrima system in search of a habitable planet, with your assistance, of course. The best thing is that you can truly reconnect with the spaceship. The ECS Constant, however, doesn’t tend to remain put for long.

Starfield: Location of the ECS Constant

A mission marker that can follow the ship’s progress is a welcome bonus. Make “Location of the ECS Constant” the active quest in your quest diary under “Activities.” To get back to the ship, simply follow the quest marker on your starmap.


What is the best outcome for the first contact in Starfield?

The most ethical course of action for First Contact would be to have the ECS Constant outfitted with a Grav Drive. The crew will become indentured servants on Paradiso if you settle for a peace offering, and they will all perish if you elect to blow up the ship.

Who can you romance in Starfield?

Like many modern Western role-playing games, Starfield features a robust romantic plot. The game features over twenty playable characters, but only four can be romantic interests: Andreja, Barrett, Sam, and Sarah.

Can you divorce in Starfield?

Divorce can be obtained simply by approaching the other spouse and discussing the matter with them. You have to pick the one that tells them things just aren’t working out between the two of you. The first step toward a divorce, however, is to be married. Our love center is the place to be if a wedding is in your future.

How many endings does Starfield have?

Starfield’s finale reveals how closely the plot ties into the game’s overarching ideas, and must be reached by every player. There is only one possible ending, but the path you take to get there is heavily influenced by your choices along the way.