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Honkai: Star Rail – Hook Quest


There are many tasks to perform in Honkai: Star Rail and some of them tell tales of the various friends the Astral Express crew makes on their galactic journey. One of the kids in Belobog’s Underworld, Pitch-Dark Hook the Great, fits this description perfectly because he is always getting into some trouble. The Honkai: Star Rail Hook side quest is only one of several that will introduce you to the game’s supporting cast. In this piece, we’ll discuss the honkai star rail side quest known as Hook Quest.

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Starting the Quest

When the player reaches Trailblazer Level 21, Hook will reach out to them for assistance. Talk to her in Boulder Town to begin the side quest. Hook and the player will begin this quest by going to Rivet Town to look for some old treasure that Hook has left behind.

Honkai: Star Rail - Hook Quest

Instead, they track down one of the Moles, named Julian. He blackmails them into assisting him in his treasure hunt, or else he will report them to Natasha, the town’s resident doctor. The player has no choice but to abide by the children’s demands and search the haunted town for items that will allow them to be happy.

Where to Find Hook’s Treasure

Just beyond the closed off street is where Hook has hidden his loot. Follow the alleyway to the right until a new scene begins to play. Get to the stack of Geomarrow containers by the mine entrance after Hook begins his frantic scurrying around. Look into it to find an antique drill equipment that was a present from one of Hook’s dad’s coworkers. The bad news is that it’s broken, so she and the player will have to look elsewhere.

Honkai: Star Rail - Hook Quest

Hook will encourage the player to visit the orphanage rather than giving up. Get up high and fight your way through two packs of Fragmentum creatures by running through the alleys. Players can use Findie to aid Hook in her quest for the prize after a brief talk. This will bring players to Junjun, Hook’s old teddy bear, and a stack of boxes beside the guard rails, where they can find Julian’s Time Capsule.

Complete your work at the orphanage, then visit the Boulder Town clinic to meet with Hook and Natasha. The doctor plans on giving a brief summary of the teddy bear’s backstory and a pleasant surprise to the little girl, both of which should put a smile on her face.

Which Suspect to pick in Hook’s Quest

During Hook’s first quest, you’ll be assisting her in reclaiming a priceless prospecting instrument that was taken from her late father during the upheaval in the mines. Defeating the mine workers who attacked him and making sure he’s okay at Natasha’s Clinic means you’ll have to return to the mine to find out what’s going on. You need to formally accuse one of the four people lurking around the miner’s camp.

Honkai: Star Rail - Hook Quest

Cook is the right answer out of possibilities including tailor, assistant, and merchant. Proceed with the quest and the accusation of him. Make an incorrect suspect identification and they escape. You can still complete the mission by intercepting them when they try to unload the goods to Sampo and recovering the device, although in a damaged state.


Where is Hook hiding in Honkai star rail?

Honkai: Star Rail requires users to actively seek out hidden youngsters. Hook, the game’s first kid, may be found hiding behind the Mine Carts in Boulder Town’s south.

What is the gender of hook in Honkai: Star Rail?

Hook is a little girl with golden eyes and blonde hair that is pulled back into two ponytails. Her name comes from the story of Peter Pan.

How do you unlock new companion missions in Star Rail?

Companion Missions can be accessed if either the matching Trailblaze Level has been reached or the necessary missions have been finished and turned in.

Should you drink the blizzard immunity Honkai: Star Rail?

A unique perk will be applied to the Trailblazer’s party if the player decides to consume the Blizzard Immunity. Characters with the Blizzard Immunity status are immune to the Freeze condition. Once Natasha completes this task, she will be able to board the Astral Express.