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Final Fantasy XVI: The Ten of Clubs Guide


Final Fantasy 16’s landscape is plagued by a seemingly endless supply of hulking axe-wielders. However, the Ten of Clubs is a particularly challenging version of this headhunter. In Final Fantasy 16, the Ten of Clubs appears as a playable Notorious Mark. The Hunt Board provides a convenient means of spotting these indicators. Despite employing some tried-and-true methods of attack, The Ten of Clubs also has a few tricks up his sleeve. Learn the ten of clubs strategy for Final Fantasy XVI with the help of this article!

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Where to Find The Ten of Clubs

The Ten of Clubs may be found southeast of the Hideaway, therefore players should use the game’s fast travel option to get there. Players should travel south from the obelisk, over the Fields of Coraza, to the stone wall that surrounds the depopulated settlement of Vamare. The Ten of Clubs is waiting for you on the other side of that wall, and the guides below should help you get there quickly and easily.

Final Fantasy XVI: The Ten of Clubs Guide

How to Beat The Ten of Clubs

While the battle against the Ten of Clubs is not very challenging, players of Final Fantasy 16 should be aware that the Notorious Mark wields some fairly powerful strikes. Peine Forte is the first of these attacks, and it involves a number of rock structures emerging from the ground. Thankfully, red circles show on top of the regions that would be impacted by those formations, so players may quickly prevent harm by simply evacuating those places.

Final Fantasy XVI: The Ten of Clubs Guide

Execution is another noteworthy attack, and it’s a four-strike melee combo that can do a lot of damage. For this attack, supporters should do simple precision dodges and wait to go on the offensive until after the fourth and final blow has been delivered. Players of Final Fantasy 16 should also employ dodges to escape the Ten of Clubs’ regular melee strikes, which are easy to avoid due to his slow swing speed.

Final Fantasy XVI: The Ten of Clubs Guide

The Ten of Clubs Rewards

The Ten of Clubs hunt is worth some Gil and Renown, as the Hunt Board indicates. In addition to the satisfaction of knowing you’ve eliminated a formidable foe, fans will receive a Meteorite and a Scarletite as loot for their efforts. Scarletite is hard to come by in Final Fantasy 16, so players should seize this chance to acquire one.

Experience 2200
Ability Points 70
Gil 9,200
Reputation 20
Spoils Scarletite x1 Meteorite x1


Will FF16 have multiple endings?

Square Enix opted to go for a linear narrative for FF16, focusing on a single story arc with a fixed outcome. This means the storyline remains untouched regardless of the decisions players make during the game, therefore there are no alternative endings in FF16.

How do you beat Svarog in ff16?

Keep your distance, land counter magic strikes, land charged magic attacks, then hit him with your greatest ranged Eikonic assaults. Then, unload on him after avoiding or deflecting his swooping assault. Follow this method and you will end Svarog’s reign of terror once and for all!

Did Joshua live at the end of FF16?

If Joshua wrote a whole book on the adventures he and his brother had so many years ago, it’s safe to assume he survived the final events of Final Fantasy 16.

What happens to Clive at the end of FF16?

Clive and Ultima engage in a titanic struggle, during which Clive absorbs Ultima, heals his brother Joshua, and resolves to destroy Origin and the Mothercrystals. He uses his aether destructively on a vast scale, and then we find him exhaustedly washing up on a beach.