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Honkai: Star Rail – How to Search For Researcher


Players must meet Hinkel in order to begin the “Search for Researcher That Need Help” task from the “A Moment of Peace” quest in Honkai: Star Rail. She will ask them to press the stick down while confusing the main character with Alfred. meeting Hinkel and responding to her dialogue on the Up and Down Left In Honkai: Star Rail is a part of the “A Moment Of Peace” Main Quest and players must finish it to proceed further in the game. This page will teach you how to seek a researcher in Honkai Star Rail:

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How to Search For Researcher

Players must first speak with Hinkel and assist her in verifying satellite remote sensing in order to look for researchers in Honkai: Star Rail who require assistance. The spectrometer is located up, the filter is located down, the reference level is located left, and the attenuator is located right, according to the instructions she offers the Trailblazer.

Honkai: Star Rail - How to Search For Researcher

With the spectrometer turned on first, followed by the attenuator, and then the filter, Hinkel then makes it obvious that the order should be followed in three steps. That all provides a satisfactory response to the Up Down Left Hinkel issue. Star Rail is in Honkai. Hinkel will then disclose that Alfred was in charge of this process and was the initial researcher.

Honkai: Star Rail - How to Search For Researcher

He never returned from the storage area where he was. After that, Hinkel will request that the Trailblazer speak with Abraham, the second researcher that players need to locate in Honkai: Star Rail’s Search For Researcher That Needs Help mission. The Trailblazer has to keep scanning the master control zone after speaking with Abraham and then report back to Asta.

When players go to Asta, they’ll see Himeko standing next to her. As they get there, a cutscene where a huge hand pierces the shield will play. Asta will then ask Himeko to board the Express and go, but she will reject and stick up for the group. Players will eventually have to battle a Doomsday Beast.

Honkai: Star Rail - How to Search For Researcher

This adversary, who has a two-stage fight, will be the first boss Trailblazers encounter in the game. Thankfully, defeating the Doomsday Beast is possible using the four available characters despite its often tiresome nature. Players should be able to gradually reduce the boss’s HP if they use March 7th to defend the group.

What’s the Answer to Honkai Star Rail Hinkel’s Puzzle?

Honkai Star Rail gives you the following advice when you offer to assist Hinkel:

  • Up is the spectrometer
  • Down is the filter
  • Left is the reference level
  • Right is the attenuator

She then instructs you to activate the attenuator, spectrometer, and filter by turning them on in that order. Thus, up, right, and down is the solution to Honkai Star Rail Hinkel’s conundrum. Naturally, Hinkel is a patient person, so don’t worry if you didn’t understand it the first time. Simply give it another go in the right order, and presto!


How do you meet Blade in Honkai Star Rail?

On the third day, you will locate Blade. Todd or he can have a conversation first. After completing the task, if you decide to speak with Todd first, simply sprint to the teleport station next to the high elder statue rather than teleporting somewhere else. Blade is present.

Where is Abraham in Honkai Star Rail?

You can teleport to the Reception Center Space Anchor to reach the station’s Base Zone, where Abraham is located. Abraham will request that the player turn on a Space Anchor that is positioned outside of the perimeter of safety.

Who is the pink haired girl in Honkai: Star Rail?

Fu Xuan appears to be a small woman with golden eyes and pink hair. Her forehead looks to have a gemstone embedded in it that is the hue of amethyst.

Who is the strongest character in Honkai: Star Rail?

Imbibitor Lunae, the dragon form of Dan Heng, appears in Honkai: Star Rail. With the highest rankings for both single-target and multi-target damage, this character is the strongest to date.

Is Natasha a Raven in Honkai: Star Rail?

A small part of Natasha is inspired by Raven (Natasha Cioara) from Honkai Impact 3. With their purple eyes and gray hair, both characters look same. They both manage orphanages.

What is the max level in Honkai: Star Rail?

In Honkai: Star Rail, you can level all of your characters up to a maximum level of 80 if you have reached the maximum Equilibrium level. That concludes our discussion about Honkai: Star Rail’s Trailblaze and character level caps. Tell us what levels you’ve reached thus far in the comments section!