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Honkai: Star Rail – Should You Pull Seele


The first repeat character in the next Honkai Star Rail 1.4 update is Seele, whose banner will be accessible in the patch’s second half alongside Topaz. With her enormous single-target damage and ability to take another turn after defeating an opponent, Seele—their first Limited 5*—displays this will and can quickly destroy even sizable groupings of adversaries. In the Honkai Star Rail, should you support Seele? This post will explain.

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Should You Pull Seele

Seele is a formidable DPS, although her effectiveness decreases in battles with numerous opponents. Therefore, we advise not engaging with her in the next banner because the majority of end-game encounters feature several opponents. Furthermore, in comparison to characters like Blade and Kafka, who offer significantly greater diversity in combat, she is far from future-proof.

Honkai: Star Rail - Should You Pull Seele

It’s also important to keep in mind that Topaz, a different 5-star Hunt character, will face off against her in the second stage of Honkai Star Rail 1.4. Despite this, Seele can still defeat the majority of the game’s weekly monsters with ease and has a respectable usage rate in the Memory of Chaos. If you like the way she plays, you might want to try wishing on the rerun banner.

Steele’s Best Light Cones

Of course, as a character from The Hunt. Seele will use the Path of the Hunt Characters to her advantage, boosting her damage in many ways. These are some of the greatest Light Cones that she can utilize.

  • In The Night: The exclusive 5* version of Seele’s iconic Light Cone is only accessible on Light Cone banners next to Seele. “In the Night” will provide the wearer a 12% increase in their Crit Rate. If their speed surpasses 100, they will receive a 6% DMG bonus to their Basic ATK, Skill, and an 8% Crit DMG bonus to their Ultimate for every 10 points.
  • Cruising In The Stellar Sea: An additional 5* Light Cone that will be very helpful to Seele. The wearer’s Crit Rate will rise by 8% when “Cruising in the Stellar Sea” is activated, and by an additional 8% when attacking opponents with 50% HP or below. The wearer’s ATK will rise by 20% on the following two turns when they defeat an adversary.
  • Only Silence Remains: Gacha has this Light Cone listed as a 4*. The wearer of “Only Silence Remains” will gain a 16% ATK boost and a 12% Crit Rate boost if there are two or fewer adversaries on the field.

Steele’s Best Build

Seele, as a Hunt character, will concentrate on maximizing the damage that her relics can do. When creating relics, Seele should put her Crit ratio first, then ATK, Speed, and Break effects. The sets listed below are the greatest options for creating her.

Honkai: Star Rail - Should You Pull Seele

  • 4-Piece Genius of Brilliant Stars: The relic set for quantum damage is called Genius of Brilliant Stars. Naturally, the 2-Piece increases quantum damage by 10%. When attacking, the wearer of the 4-Piece can disregard 10% of their opponent’s DEF. If the opponent has a quantum vulnerability, they can disregard an additional 10% of their DEF.
  • 4-Piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat: If Genius of Brilliant Stars is not yet available to players, this set will serve as a decent substitute. The wearer’s ATK will rise by 12% when wearing the Wild Wheats 2-Piece Musketeer. The wearer’s speed will rise by 6% and their basic attack will receive a 10% DMG benefit as part of the 4-piece set bonus.
  • Celestial Differentiator: The goal of Celestial Differentiator is to increase the wearer’s Crit. Giving them a 16% Crit DMG bonus, the wearer will also receive a 60% bonus to their Crit rate for their initial strike when they enter battle with a Crit DMG of 120% or more. Seele should be able to maximize these bonuses since, as was previously indicated, players should place a high priority on her Crit ratio.


What is the pull rate for Seele in Honkai: Star Rail?

There are several methods to accumulate free Rail Passes and Stellar Jade while playing the game, even though it has just launched. With the current character banner, you should have enough to pull a 5-star, but keep in mind that your chances of getting Seele on your first pull are only 50%.

Should we pull Seele?

If a player needs a quantum damage dealer, they should side with Seele. Desire a swift unit capable of destroying tiny adversaries. I need someone strong in the Forgotten Hall and the Simulated Universe.

Is Seele the best DPS?

Seele, the first limited character to be released in Honkai: Star Rail, held the title of best DPS character for an extended period of time. Although she is a member of The Hunt path, playing her as an AoE character is how she plays best. Seele gains an extra turn with an enhanced status each time she vanquishes an opponent.

Who is the main MC in Honkai: Star Rail?

In Honkai: Star Rail, the user can choose the gender of the main character, The Trailblazer. The Trailblazer’s container is first activated by Kafka and Silver Wolf, two Honkai: Star Rail characters, while they are on the Herta Space Station.

Who is the best 4 star character in Honkai: Star Rail?

Perhaps the greatest 4-star hotel in Honkai is Tingyun: Star Rail. Her capacity to enhance the performance of the ally she buffs with Benediction is on par with that of 5-star units. Tingyun may function as a battery and dramatically increase an ally’s damage for two turns by using her Ultimate.