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Starfield – Serpentis System Location


Players can search and explore more than 100 systems in Starfield around the galaxy. Even if a lot of these systems aren’t directly related to any faction’s quest line, it’s still worthwhile to visit them in order to get experience points or finish skill challenges. Nonetheless, if you don’t know where to search, finding the Serpentis system won’t be simple, and if you’ve been pursuing particular task chains, it’s unlikely that you’ll find it by accident. The location of the serpentis system in Starfield will be explained in this article:

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What’s In Serpentis

There are nine moons and six planets in the Serpentis system to locate and explore. The majority of the system’s wildlife is excellent XP suppliers with the high suggested level because they don’t put up much of a fight. The system’s many moons make it an excellent area to swiftly survey the moon for easily marketable survey data or mine for resources.

There are a lot of space wars in this system, which is its main selling feature. Although no official group controls this system, if you happen to be in orbit over most planets, you will almost certainly face an ambush by formidable Va’ruun ships. Although these battles need a strong ship for players to survive, they are excellent places for experience points or extra ships to be destroyed to advance their piloting abilities.

Serpentis System Location

The Serpentis system is located to the right and marginally upward of the Kyrx system on the right side of the Galaxy map in Starfield. I advise beginning in Kryx, going to Ophion, and then going straight to Serpentis itself if you want to visit the Serpentis system.

Starfield - Serpentis System Location

Use the screenshot above as a reference to pinpoint the precise locations where you should be looking, as there are other planets between Kryx and Serpentis. If you do choose to visit the Serpentis system, be sure the ship you’re aboard is strong because there are some formidable foes there.

Where to Find Serpentis

Situated in the galactic center, the Serpentis system is only a short distance from prominent systems like Alpha Centauri. Although it may require multiple jumps, the proximity of the neighboring systems allows nearly any spacecraft to reach this system with only a few stops en route.

Starfield - Serpentis System Location

Starting with the Kryx system, traveling via the Copernicus system, Ophion, and lastly the Nirah system is the fastest path. It is suggested to use a ship with strong shields and powerful weapons before entering the Serpentis system, which has a lot of opposing ships and a level of 55.

Why You Should Visit the Serpentis System?

Because of the high-level foes and the gear they carry, the Serpentis system in Starfield is considered one of the greatest places to farm experience and rare resources. The best strategy is to quickly move to a new place in the Serpentis system and locate a group of enemy ships to combat.

However, there are other moons and planets to explore—some of which contain valuable resources. Every time you travel to orbit around a planet or moon in the Serpentis system, there is a strong probability that a group of enemy ships will spawn. However, the system is only Level 55, with certain planets and moons reaching Level 75.

Starfield - Serpentis System Location

When you encounter hostile ships, eliminate the ones with the lowest levels first, then target a high-level ship with EM weaponry until it shuts down.  After that, you should board the ship, slaying any adversaries and taking their belongings. Then, you can take the pilot’s seat and take ownership of the ship for your own Fleet, which you can later sell.

This will also allow you to automatically access all of the goods that were stored in the ship’s cargo hold without requiring manual access. Using this strategy, you can obtain Va’Ruun particle weapons, experience, credits, uncommon equipment, and new ships.


How do you remove the serpent’s embrace in Starfield?

To remove Serpent’s Embrace, one must visit the Spaceport in New Atlantis. Proceed to the upper right corner of the scanner ramp and enter the UC Security Office. Head back to the cells by going behind the desk. Mir’za, a devotee of the Great Serpent, is located in one.

What are the effects of serpents embrace in Starfield?

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of selecting Serpent’s Embrace in Starfield: Benefit: Grav jumping provides brief health benefits and oxygen increases. Drawback: If regular jumping isn’t done, health and oxygen levels will decline.

Can you play Starfield with friends?

You won’t be able to play Starfield in cooperative mode with your pals because Bethesda always intended for it to be a singleplayer only role-playing game.

Can you join House Varun in Starfield?

Joining the House Va’ruun in Starfield is simple. When you first launch the game and create your character, you have the option to instantly join the faith. You can select the Serpent’s Embrace attribute under the traits tab of the character building process.