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Honkai: Star Rail – Who Is Yingxing


Honkai Star Rail features a large cast of memorable personalities. It’s a given that the Trailblazers will meet both interesting allies and formidable foes on their travels across the many locations. The latest Honkai Star Rail update offers gamers with lots to do, but one mystery remains: Who is Yingxing? In the course of your Trailblaze assignment in Xianzhou, you encounter the name. Who Is Yingxing in the Honkai Star Railway? is the subject of this essay.

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Who Is Yingxing in Star Rail?

You can find clues about this unknown person if you look closely enough. As players progress through “A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant,” a Trailblaze Mission, they will have the opportunity to converse with the spectral remnants of numerous long-dead High Elders. These ghosts speak of Yingxing in a very casual tone, as if they know this person.

Blade, who is now eternal thanks to the Abundance, may have previously gone by the name Yingxing. Blade supposedly spent time in the Xianhzhou Luofu perfecting his swordsmanship and learning about weapon construction.

Honkai: Star Rail - Who Is Yingxing

It’s possible that Blade died for real back in the Xianzhou Luofu, when he gave up his life to become a weapon. By attaining level 80 with Blade, the player will be privy to more of his backstory. There is, alas, very little hard evidence to confirm or refute this.

Furthermore, the game currently provides little supplementary background on Blade. Blade’s backstory, along with that of the other Stelllaron Hunters, will likely be explored in great detail over the length of Honkai Star Rail’s runtime, though whether or not more information regarding Blade will be released over time is presently unknown.

Yingxing Identity

When you begin the Trailblaze mission “A Dragon Gallant, Its Ocean Distant,” don’t rush to do the tasks right away. Explore the region some more. There are a number of spectral people milling about. They help us recall important moments in our lives. If you go up to them, you can talk to them and overhear their previous discussions. These exchanges are how you’ll find out about Yingxing in Honkai Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail - Who Is Yingxing

You’ll overhear a conversation between a middle-aged woman and the High Elder. The High Elder will summon the other Yingxing, but the other Yingxing will recognize the High Elder’s voice as belonging to someone else. Dan Feng, himself, has seen the resemblance. Actually, Blade’s given name is Yingxing.


What happened to Baiheng in Honkai: Star Rail?

She disappeared into a whirlpool of unbridled strength, leaving behind only a stray lock of hair and a few dribbles of blood. Dan Feng, unable to accept Baiheng’s death, attempted to utilize the Transmutation Arcanum to bring her back to life with the help of Yingxing and Shuhu’s flesh.

Who is the girl with the robot in Honkai: Star Rail?

Clara is a playable character in Honkai: Star Rail. She is a quiet young girl who lost her parents at a young age and is traveling with an ancient mech named Svarog.

Who is Otto’s girlfriend Honkai?

Otto’s social rhetoric is generally masked, but the sentiments he has for Kallen Kaslana, the childhood sweetheart he’s had since he was a kid, are real.

Who is the pink girl in Honkai impact?

Elysia wears her pink, shoulder-length hair in a low ponytail. Her long, curly hair reaches well beyond her shoulders. Her eyes are the same pale blue as the huge hair clip she wears on the right side of her head. Her eyes, like her hair, are a pretty pink.