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How Many Chapters Are in Red Dead Redemption 2


How Many Chapters Are in Red Dead Redemption 2

As seen on many communities online like reddit and youtube we have found that there are 6 chapters in red dead redemption 2. It is also the possibility that people have maximum reached to the chapter 6 so far. If you have completed chapter 6 then congratulations you also hit the record.

How Many Chapters Are in Red Dead Redemption 2

Here is Introduction to all 6 chapters of red dead redemption 2

Chapter 1 As this chapter is more like a tutorial or you can say a type of highlight where you shoot up the O’Driscoll camp and go hunting with Charles. In this chapter prologue is one of the best game openings in my opinion. The events and missions are calm but the operation of scenario and the atmosphere is the pearl for you.

Chapter 2 In this chapter you get a feeling of starting and exploring the open world. The Valentine and Heartlands territory is the best map section in the game as you are going to feelt awesome while playing this chapter.

Chapter 3 In this chapter you will find that swinging between Greys and Braithwates is bit fun. The final mission is the best part in the game.

Chapter 4 In this chapter the mansion is favourite camp for many users as the gang’s stiation is taugh. Saints Danis was likeable. Also You can go to New Austin as Arthur, but Sean is dead and the missions are boring. Overall, it is really fun to hang around.

Chapter 5 known as the Guarma chapter it has a successfull atmosphere changing in many user’s opinion. It is not too short neither too long. It is exactly how it should have been.

Chapter 6 Final chapter so fat that has the best missions, but Arthur is sick, many gang members are dead, the camp sucks, Roanoke Ridge is a terrible place and roaming around is also limited. But it makes this game truly a game to remember and Arthur one of the best protagonists.