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How Many Ways Do You Know About Consuming Cannabis?


Do you think smoking is the only method for consuming cannabis? You might be wrong there! There are plenty of ways, and each delivery method possesses unique characteristics. Some methods are pretty fast-acting, while other cannabis-consuming methods take some time to kick in. Plus, each method may or may not deliver the results that you desire.

So whether you are using it for medicinal or recreational purposes, these are the various methods you can use to consume cannabis.

There are also various places you can go to get cannabis. For those in Canada, there are many dispensaries such as that sells all kinds of edibles for consumption as well.

8 Different Ways to Consume Cannabis


Dabbing or dabs is a new method that involves ingesting cannabis, particularly highly-concentrated THC, via inhalation. Although this method is pretty similar to vaporizing cannabis, it uses cannabis active-chemical THC that creates a mind-altering high. Moreover, THC can be in the form of hard solid (like shatter), oil (such as honey or hash oil), or semi-solid form (such as budder or wax).

But what’s the process of dabbing? A blowtorch heats the bong or glass pipe. When you place the resin in the pipe, vapors produce almost instantly. This method produces a psychoactive high than smoking cannabis.

If you want some intense, potent, and flavorful hits, you might want to invest in high-quality glass pipes or bongs – for which you can visit Vape4Ever for their exceptional product line.

Marijuana Tinctures

The liquid extract from the marijuana plants is bottled up in a tincture – hence named marijuana tinctures.

The plant materials are first soaked in very strong alcohol and then are strained. The resulting solution is then ingested by placing a few drops underneath the tongue. These cannabinoids travel the bloodstream and get absorbed instantly.

As this solution is fast-acting, very potent, and highly concentrated, consumers use it for medicinal purposes for treating various disorders.

Gravity Bongs

A gravity bong – another method for smoking marijuana – is sometimes called Waterfall bong, Street bong, or Bucket bong. A gravity bong is usually crafted by using household items.

You can build gravity bongs from milk jugs, soda bottles (two-liter), buckets, and plastic bottles. These bongs use gravity to create large smoke plumes that you can inhale easily.


Vaping marijuana is another new method. The vaporizers or vape pens heat your dry herbs or e-liquid at a temperature that releases the plants’ active ingredients as vapors. Consumers then inhale these vapors to enjoy those potent hits.

In addition, vaping is considered a healthier and safer alternative to smoking because it does not irritate the lungs and throat.

Today, both cannabis and nicotine vaporizers have advanced technology and possess several remarkable features. You can recharge them or use a disposable vape for a better on-the-go vaping experience you can also find best disposable vape.

In addition, people are now inclining more towards vaporizers because of the following reasons:

  • Vape pens deliver a much better high.
  • They have a compact, lightweight, and discreet body.
  • They do not produce a strong marijuana or nicotine smell.


Smoking is a conventional method for consuming marijuana. Cannabis veterans can either roll a joint using a rolling paper and smoke it, opt for a bong or pipe, or use a cigar or blunt.

Another method of smoking cannabis is via bubblers or mini-bongs. They are a kind of water pipe with approximately a weed pipe size. Moreover, one of the ancient methods of smoking cannabis is via hookah.

In short, there are many ingenious and advanced devices that you can use to smoke marijuana. However, it can irritate your lungs or throat.

So how does smoking marijuana differ from vaping? The difference is that smoking involves burning while vaping requires heating. So when you smoke marijuana, it burns your dry herbs or flowers, and then you inhale the plants’ active components.


You can also ingest marijuana orally in the form of capsules, oils, and edibles. For instance, homemade canna-brownies are the most lovable option for adding marijuana to the food.

Moreover, cannabis-infused oil and butter are incorporated to bake, cook, or mix with various foods to create different delicious meals. Cannabis oil is also added to beverages like beer, teas, and sodas.

Besides that, you can use marijuana leaves for making tea; however, its effects are very potent. Nowadays, recreational marijuana is available in the form of capsules, chocolates, chewing gum, cereals, granola bars, gummy bears, cookies, and cakes.

Although marijuana ingestion is considered less harmful than smoking, the delayed marijuana effects can cause an overdose. Therefore, discretion is advised.


Topicals are marijuana plant extracts that are thicker than oils. These cream-based marijuana extracts are applied to the skin to relieve soreness and muscle pain instantly.

Cannabis topicals include sprays, oils, salves, lotions, creams, and balms. In addition, topicals are usually applied to the sore or inflamed areas, and they do not get you high. Therefore, you can use topicals solely for therapeutic purposes.


It is also a new method for ingesting cannabis, and it is a perfect alternative for those who wish to avoid smoking. These sprays are made by infusing CBD or THC with other liquids. Users only have to spray the product underneath their tongues to alleviate their debilitating symptoms.

Furthermore, these sprays come in different flavors and usually contain coconut oil as a carrier; thus, they deliver instant effects. Sprays are generally used for medicinal purposes and can reduce inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

Ending Note

So now you know! There are eight methods by which you can consume cannabis. If you prefer smoking, you might want to go for bongs, joints, or glass pipes. However, if you want a safer alternative that delivers potent hits, vaporizers are the best options.

Not to mention, the best options for medicinal purposes are sprays, tinctures, and topicals. The cannabinoids absorb quickly and deliver instant relief to the body.

In contrast, edibles are mainly used for recreational purposes. So the choice is yours. Your consumption method will depend on whether you are using it for medicinal or recreational purposes. Plus, some ways might work more effectively than others. Start browsing and see which method works the best for you!