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How Marham Became No. 1 Online Health Application in Pakistan


Even though the world is in the grip of an epidemic, individuals still require healthcare. There is so much disinformation and restrictions that it is difficult for residents to find doctors, especially if they live outside of big cities like Karachi or Islamabad, where the majority of medical facilities are concentrated. Finding someone with a flexible schedule who can treat your ailment for a reasonable price might also be difficult!

Marham got the idea for this app after noticing how difficult it was for many people to obtain decent care in their area. They wanted a simple way to communicate with doctors and receive medical treatment without having to wait in huge lines at hospitals, which can be far away and costly if you don’t have insurance. Since its inception last year, it has aided thousands of people all around the world, including many who didn’t know where to turn next after their lives were irrevocably changed due to a vehicle accident.

Features of Marham App

Marham, the most popular health app, is now available for Android and iPhone. It started off as a Facebook application, but because of its many unique features, it’s quickly becoming one of the greatest pharmaceutical apps available! You can get started with all of these outstanding features right away if you download this fantastic piece of software today.

Online Consultation

Marham is a platform that connects patients to the best doctors in their communities. The app contains hundreds of specialist physicians, all of whom are accessible via an online interface and a patient review system, allowing you to know what kind of condition they specialize in before scheduling an online consultation!


  • Doctor’s Timings: the Marham app also displays the availability of all doctors throughout the week, so you can select the day and time according to your choice.
  • Accessible: The online consultation service is a fantastic opportunity for people living in remote areas and overseas People who wish to consult with the experienced doctors of their country.
  • In-clinic appointments: The Marham also saves you from the hassle of finding doctors’ numbers, timings, and hospitals and allows you to book in-clinic appointments with doctors in just a few clicks.

Marham is a platform that connects patients with the best doctors in their areas. The app has hundreds of specialist physicians available through an online interface and patient reviews system, so you can know what kind of condition they specialize in before booking your appointment!

Information about Hospitals

Marham has information about the top hospitals; users can find the following details about hospitals through the app:

  • Hospital address
  • Number of doctors
  • Number of beds available
  • COVID-19 services
  • Emergency treatments
  • All departments
  • Doctor’s Fee range
  • Opening Hours

Free Health Forum

The Marham app is a free source of health information and counseling since it links you with specialists who can solve your medical problems for free! This distinguishes the platform in today’s society, when everyone desires something that appears to be too expensive or unattainable owing to financial restraints.

Health Blog

The app is a great way to stay up on all things health-related. You can read articles from some of the most knowledgeable writers, and they’re medically reviewed by experts in their field so you know it will be accurate! or simply head over into Google Play Store where there’ll also be options below “more” at bottom right corner when viewing search results page – one such option being New Blogs).

Special Offers

Marham is all set to make healthcare affordable for everyone in the country. They offer discounts on services including free consultations, lab tests at reduced prices and even doctor’s fees! Check out these special offers today- they might just be what your wallet needs.”

Get the Mahram App Now

With the Marham app, you can now get all your medical needs satisfied in one place. The best part is that it’s easy and accessible for everyone! Download this amazing tool today to start accessing healthcare services right away.