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How to Access iCloud Photos on Your Mac


The Photos application in macOS, just like the Photos application in iOS and iPadOS, is the most effective way to view photos that are stored in iCloud Photos. This is true for both operating systems. The still photographs are arranged in groupings, and inside those categories, you may watch the Memories that were put together using the moving pictures and still photographs.

Images can be dragged and dropped from the Photos app onto any other folder on your Mac, regardless of where they were originally stored. You can also use the drag-and-drop functionality to import images into other applications like Apple Pages and Microsoft Word. Therefore, the purpose of this essay is to explain how photographs that have been saved in iCloud can be retrieved using a Mac.

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How to Access iCloud Photos on Your Mac

If the photographs that you have stored in iCloud Photos do not appear in the Photos program that comes pre-installed on your Mac, you may need to enable the function so that you may view those photographs. This may be the case if you want to view those photographs. To ensure that you come out on top in this endeavour, make sure that you carry out each of the steps that are stated below completely:

1. First, you’ll need to click the Apple icon that’s found in the top-left hand corner of the display to open the System Preferences menu.

How to Access iCloud Photos on Your Mac

2. Choose the one that corresponds to your Apple ID from the options.