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How to Tame Chickens in Fortnite


Fortnite has always placed a significant emphasis on its animal content. It is possible for players to embark on a hunt for these enemies and kill them while they are engaged in combat in order to get access to better weapons or to obtain materials for building new things. On the other hand, Season 6 introduced a number of significant changes to Animals. As a consequence of these changes, players are now able to tame a wide variety of different species of animals in the game. By reading this post, you will get the knowledge necessary to tame chickens in the game of Fortnite.

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How to Tame Chickens in Fortnite

Taming chickens requires a slightly different approach than domesticating wild animals like wolves do. You do not need to worry about the Animals attacking you, which means that you will not be necessary to tame the species in the traditional fashion. Because of this, you do not need to worry about the Animals attacking you. To the contrary, all that is expected of you is to pick them up and put them away in the appropriate location.

If you want to take control of the chickens in Fortnite, just follow these instructions:

1. Investigate the regions of the island that are not inhabited by people by going there.

How to Tame Chickens in Fortnite

2. Look for the Chicken, and when you find it, follow in its footsteps until you reach your destination.

How to Tame Chickens in Fortnite

3. You need to go after the Chicken, and when you’ve finally caught up to it, you need to press the command button on your controller.

How to Tame Chickens in Fortnite

4. Get up in the air with your chicken and enjoy some fresh air!

How to Tame Chickens in Fortnite

On the Island, Chickens are a fantastic source of entertainment, but having them on your team will not enhance your chances of winning very much at all. Having Chickens on your team will not improve your chances of winning very much at all. It would be a waste of time to use them in battle because they are unable to strike at the enemies you face.

On the other hand, in contrast to Wolves, Chickens are relatively plentiful on the Island, which means that it will be easier for you to find them without too much problem. Some of the best places to look for hens are in the areas close by agricultural lands and densely wooded regions.

Listening carefully to the sounds that hens make is the most effective approach to find them. You should still be able to hear them clucking even if it’s possible you won’t be able to see them from a distance. If you want the search to be completed more quickly, put on some headphones and turn the volume control all the way up on the sound effects option.


In Fortnite, is it possible to tame the frogs?

As a result of the fact that frogs have already been subjected to a high level of domestication in Fortnite, it is not possible to tame them in the game. However, this does not mean that they are useless because when they are killed, they offer you with useful crafting components that may be used in other quests.

How can you get raptors under your control in Fortnite?

With the release of version 16.10, raptors made their appearance, and as a result, you may now encounter a band of bloodthirsty dinosaurs rather than one of their large spotted eggs. You may tame them in the same way that you would tame wolves (described further down), which is by leaving meat nearby, then executing the interaction as soon as it is prompted while they are eating. Thankfully, this can be done. Be very careful because the window of opportunity that you have left is quite narrow, and if you mess up, they will attack you.