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How to Activate an Augment in Fortnite


In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, activating an Augment is required in order for you to gain access to several helpful perks and to unlock more seasonal challenges. If you do not activate an Augment, you will not be able to do either of these things. This post will explain how to activate an argument in Fortnite because it is not totally clear how to activate an Augment in Fortnite, and this post will explain how to do so. So let’s get started:

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How to Activate an Augment in Fortnite

It will be necessary for you to activate Augments in order to obtain benefits for battle and exploration in Chapter 4, Season 1. You won’t be able to access the Oathbound set of tasks until you’ve finished the Reality Augment Tutorial, which requires you to use various augmentations several times.

In order to use an Augment in Fortnite, you must first watch for the blue text that reads “Ready!” to appear below the minimap. Once it does, hit the right button on the d-pad (or the number “7” on PC by default) to access the menu and select one of the two available Augments.

How to Activate an Augment in Fortnite

If nothing of the choices appeals to you, you can hold down the “Reroll” button to have another randomized Augment take up its position in the inventory. The first reroll of a match that you use is free, but any additional rerolls after that will cost you 100 gold bars each.

That ‘Ready!’ text will show under the minimap each time a new Augment choice becomes available, and you will be able to activate yet another buff during that time. Keep in mind that you do not need to be concerned about losing Augment boosts with each option you make, since they can be stacked until the end of the contest or until you are eliminated from the match.

How to Activate an Augment in Fortnite

Unlock more Augments

When you first begin playing Fortnite, some Augments will be unavailable to you, but as you go through the game and compete in more Battle Royale, Zero Build, and Team Rumble battles, additional Augments will become available to you.

How to Activate an Augment in Fortnite

In addition to this, there is a remote possibility that one of your two options will include a new Augment. If this is the case, a bright yellow ‘Unlocked!’ badge will appear next to the picture of one of the Augments while you are deciding between the other two. It does not appear that this occurs very frequently; therefore, if you notice that Augment, it is in your best interest to select it so that you can add it to your collection.


Where are the augments in Fortnite?

These can be obtained as loot throughout every match that you participate in, and they become available as the action progresses. When you locate one, you have the option of upgrading to one of two distinct items, and the effects of those upgrades will remain active until the end of the match. The longer you are able to survive, the more augments you will be able to acquire.

What are the augments in Fortnite?

A brand-new gameplay mechanic known as Augments is presented to players in Fortnite Chapter 4. If you manage to stay alive over the entirety of the encounter, you will be rewarded with a choice between two different Augments. You will receive a one-of-a-kind buff from each Augment, which will offer you an advantage for the duration of the match.

How do I get augment equipment?

You can augment your equipment by going to the Smithy and choosing the “Augment Equipment” option from the menu there. There are three distinct augmentations that can be chosen from. The following augmentations can be used on weapons that have been improved to the maximum possible level on their respective high rank trees (from the Monster Hunter: World base game).

Where can I buy augments?

Augments are found in level-appropriate chests and can be purchased via the DDO Store. However, some (if not all) augments can also be purchased in-game with things that are discovered or earned in the course of standard questing.

How many augments are there?

At the beginning of Chapter 4, there are a total of 22 Augments available, but the ones that you unlock are completely at random. Make sure to turn on as many of the available Augments as you can since the more you play, the greater the likelihood that you will be able to get a new one.