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How to Deal Damage With a Chicken Peck in Fortnite


Fortnite is one of the best battle royale games for the whole family to play together because it receives frequent updates and new exciting challenges, including themed challenges in their own unique events, which are constantly being rotated into the game. During the week titled “Avian Ambush,” you will have the opportunity to make use of the silly chicken creatures that roam the map and complete a variety of challenges with them in order to earn some additional experience points and levels toward the battlepass. Even something as simple as a chicken can be used to inflict damage on your foes. So let’s get started:

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How to Deal Damage With a Chicken Peck in Fortnite

Chicken Location

As you can see from the map that follows, there is no shortage of chickens in the area that you can use for the Avian challenges that you have. On the other hand, they have a propensity to move around, so it might take a while to track them down. A greater concentration of them can be found closer to the desert biome and in close proximity to certain named locations.

How to Deal Damage With a Chicken Peck in Fortnite

Even though they are dispersed throughout the natural world, you will have a better chance of finding them in some of the areas that have been specifically marked for their presence. You should consider dropping in at any one of the following locations for a quick run and grab as soon as the match begins:

  • Lustrous Lagoon
  • Towers of Contamination
  • Positioned to the southeast of Greasy Grove
  • Direction: east of the Flutter Barn
  • Chonker’s Speedway is being referred to as.
  • Cloudy Condos

Deal damage with a chicken peck

After locating a chicken, you will be required to pick it up and carry it. Because these chickens will try to get away from you as quickly as they can, this might prove to be a bit of a difficult task. Keep running alongside it, and when the option to pick them up appears, press the button to do so:

  • Y on Xbox
  • F on PC
  • PlayStation’s Triangle button

How to Deal Damage With a Chicken Peck in Fortnite

You are now in possession of the chicken, which means that your jumps will allow you to descend to the ground more slowly. If you execute your jumps correctly, you will also be able to deal damage to other players or animals that attempt to assault you. Because the chicken’s beak can only reach what is immediately in front of it, you will need to get fairly close to it in order to have any chance of success with this. Get close to your target, then point the chicken in their direction. You must not, under any circumstances, let go of the chicken. The chicken will peck at any opposing force that is directly in front of it automatically.

The challenge can only be finished once you have successfully completed a certain number of pecks. Other animals that are attacking you, such as a boar or wolf, or even another chicken, make for the easiest target to use as a defence mechanism. Because the chicken does not peck particularly quickly, attempting to perform this manoeuvre on adversarial players may prove to be somewhat challenging. By successfully completing this challenge for the Avian Ambush, you can increase your XP total and make some progress toward levelling up before the season changes.


How much damage does a chicken do?

The amount of damage taken is determined by Chicken’s current radiation level and steadily increases as she gains levels. At level 1, the damage done by a thrown weapon is levelled up to 24. That number grows by 2 with every level you gain, reaching 42 damage on level 10 (Level Ultra).

What happens when you grab a chicken in Fortnite?

Epic Games invites players to demonstrate their skill during the Avian Ambush Challenge Week by capturing three chicks over multiple games. Those who are successful in completing the mission will receive a prize of 20,000 experience points for their efforts.

Can you open a Fortnite vault with a chicken?

The next step requires you to approach the entrance to the Vault while holding your chicken high above your head and waiting for the machine to scan both of you before allowing you to go inside. The chicken can be used in place of the normal need of having at least two players stand in front of a Vault for it to open. However, this requirement is no longer necessary.

Is there a secret vault in Fortnite?

It is recommended that you check your in-game map before heading to any of the 15 vaults that are hidden across the Fortnite island. These vaults contain valuable items that can help you win the game.