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How to Activate the Dangerous Mines in Stardew Valley


In Stardew Valley, there exist the Dangerous Mines, which are more difficult than the original. There are new lethal adversaries and dangerous settings on every floor, so it will need a lot of skill and planning to get to the bottom. The Dangerous Mines, in contrast to the normal Mines and Skull Cavern, has entrance restrictions. In order to gain access to the Dangerous Mines, players must complete a mission given to them by Mr. Qi in Stardew Valley.

The Golden Walnut Room on Ginger Island can be accessed by players once they have collected 100 Golden Walnuts and have gained entrance to the Golden Walnut Room in Pelican Town. Mr. Qi is the only one who can assign these difficult missions. The Golden Walnut Room will have two new missions available every Monday for players to accept. Qi Gems, a precious currency that can be used to acquire the most sought-after objects in the game, such as the “Key To The Town,” can be earned by completing these repeated quests.

“Danger in the Deep” is one of Mr. Qi’s board’s possible tasks for participants. With this unusual goal accepted, the Mine Elevator will reset and every floor will be overhauled with tremendous difficulty. Additional requirements include a time limit of one week to reach the 120th floor, which increases the challenge.

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How to Activate the Dangerous Mines in Stardew Valley

Players must accept “Danger In The Deep” and enter the Mines from Floor 1 in order to activate the Dangerous Mines in Stardew Valley. Players should have an Infinity-level weapon and an enchanted Iridium Pickaxe handy. For floors clogged with ore rocks, having explosives like Mega Bombs on hand will be extremely beneficial. Before embarking on a mining expedition, players should ensure they have a sufficient stock of healing and regenerative supplies. It’s a good idea to have some ginger or ginger ale on hand for when the game gets a little spicy. Nauseated is a debuff inflicted by a Putrid Ghost in Stardew Valley that may be cured with Ginger in the Dangerous Mines, which is one of the most dangerous enemies in the game.

Carrying many Staircases, or having the supplies to create them, is also a good idea because some floors may be too difficult. The “Danger In The Deep” mission of Mr. Qi can be completed once the player has reached the bottom. A switch to turn the Mines to Dangerous Mines in Stardew Valley can be found at the Shrine of Challenge.

How To Begin Danger in the Deep

Aside from reaching Stardew Valley’s Ginger Island and collecting the 100 Golden Walnuts required to visit Qi’s Walnut Room, players must have reached the “hazardous” Mines before being able to enter. Completionists need this chamber because it provides a number of end-game challenges and missions.

If you are looking for a challenge in this chamber, Danger in the Deep is one of the options available. Since only two of the ten possible quests are revealed each week, it may take some time for players to complete Danger in the Deep.