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How to Add a City on An iPhone Weather App


The default Weather app that comes pre-installed on your iPhone enables you to save multiple cities as bookmarks, which enables you to quickly navigate between different city forecasts with just a few swipes. This is useful whether you are planning a trip or just like to keep an eye on the weather in other locations. This is how you add cities to the app that you have.

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How to Add a City on An iPhone Weather App

1. Launch the application that shows the current weather conditions.

2. You’ll see an icon that appears like a list in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. To do so, press that.

How to Add a City on An iPhone Weather App

3. Move the cursor to the lower right-hand corner of the screen and choose the + sign that is located there.

How to Add a City on An iPhone Weather App

4. In the appropriate box, enter the name of the city, the airport, or the zip code that you are looking for.

How to Add a City on An iPhone Weather App

5. To add a location, press the name of the place you want to add and then press the Add button. When you do this, a list of locations will be displayed. At this point, it should show up on the list of cities that you are able to visit thanks to your access pass.


How do you change the Weather location on IOS 15?

Keep pressing and holding the weather widget on the home screen of your iPad. Now you can see the location added to the weather widget by pressing the “Edit Weather” button. If it’s showing the wrong place, you can manually add it by tapping on the location field. This will override whatever it’s showing. You can also let your iPad detect your present position.

How do I customize the Weather widget on my iPhone?

Hit the Lock Screen, then touch and hold it until the Customize button appears, and then tap the Customize button. If you want to see the widgets that you can add to your Lock Screen, tap the box that is either above or below the time. You can add the widgets that you desire by tapping on them or dragging them. Tap Done.

Why does my Weather app have the wrong city?

It’s possible that changing the location settings on your app or phone will fix the problem. Proceed in the following manner: Go to your device’s Settings and make sure the Location option is turned on. Tap Mode > Accuracy at its highest.

Why does my Weather app think I’m somewhere else?

Why does the app assume I’m in a different location than I actually am? Your device, its settings, and the manner in which it is connected to the internet all have a significant impact on how accurately location may be determined by that device.

Is the iPhone Weather app accurate?

The weather application that comes pre-installed on Apple’s iPhone is excellent. It is precise, simple to read, and packed with information, and it does not suffer from the mannered minimalism that mars Apple’s software design. In the year 2020, Apple acquired Dark Sky, a popular weather app as well as a producer of meteorological data. The main selling point of Dark Sky was its ability to provide exceedingly precise forecasts at a hyperlocal level.