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How to Add Custom Emojis on Discord


The procedure is straightforward, provided that you are granted authorization to add them to the server. Even photos with a resolution of up to 128 by 128 pixels can have their dimensions adjusted by Discord to meet the requirements.

Be advised that you’re capped at 50 custom emojis slots per server by default. It is necessary to have members on the server who have accounts compatible with Discord Nitro in order to “increase” the number of emoji slots that are accessible for use. You have the ability to add up to 250 unique emojis if your server has a sufficient number of users. This is the procedure to follow:

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How to Add Custom Emojis on Discord

Using the browser or desktop app

You will need to utilise the browser version of Discord or the desktop client in order to upload your own custom emojis.

1. Navigate to the server where you wish to upload an emoji, and then in the upper-left hand corner of the screen, next to the server’s name, click the arrow that points down.

How to Add Custom Emojis on Discord

2. Navigate to the Server Settings menu.

How to Add Custom Emojis on Discord

3. Navigate to the Emojis section on the left sidebar, then choose the Upload Emoji option.

How to Add Custom Emojis on Discord

4. Choose the image you want to upload and then add it to your server.

Using the mobile app

The ability to upload emoticons to a Discord server is now available on the mobile version of the application.

1. Install the Discord app on any mobile device that uses the iOS or Android operating system.

2. Select the Discord server to which you would like to add the custom emoji, and then press the ellipses, also known as the three dots, that are located in the top right corner of the screen.

How to Add Custom Emojis on Discord

3. To access the Settings menu, pick the gear icon located in the upper-right corner of the screen.

How to Add Custom Emojis on Discord

4. Navigate to the menu that controls your device’s settings and select the Emoji option.

5. From the drop-down menu, select the Emoji that you want to upload.

6. After finding the image you wish to use, select it by navigating to it and clicking the Choose option.


How do I get permission to upload emojis?

Unfortunately, the administrator of the server is the only person who can add new emoticons. You always have the option of generating the emoji and giving the required information to the owner of the server so that it may be included, even if this is not a possibility for you. This is the case even if this is not a possibility for you.

Is there an emoji for Discord?

You have the option to either use the emoji menu or manually type in the name of the emoji you want to add to your Discord message. Emojis created specifically for a Discord server can also be added by users, assuming they have the appropriate permissions. If you have a membership to Discord Nitro, you will be able to utilise the unique emojis created for one server on another.