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How to Get More Titan Blood in Hades


If you’ve been playing Hades, the most current roguelike released by Supergiant Games, you’ve probably been tinkering about with the several types of weapons that Zagreus has at his disposal. Nevertheless, if you want to get the most out of the Infernal Arms in Hades, you’ll need an unique item called Titan Blood. If you don’t have it, then escaping the brutal grips of the Underworld becomes a much more challenging and draining affair. This guide will walk you through the process of obtaining additional titan blood in Hades. So let’s get started:

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How to Get More Titan Blood in Hades

Even though it is technically a Bounty Artifact, Titan Blood counts as one of the many different types of Artifact currency in Hades. These Bounty Artifacts, along with Diamonds and bottles of Ambrosia, are primarily gained through the process of conquering Underworld bosses. [Note: Players will receive a reward after defeating each boss for the first time. These rewards include Titan Blood for the first fight, a Diamond for the second boss, a bottle of Ambrosia for the third boss, and more Titan Blood for the last boss in Hades’ dungeon. Titan Blood can also be obtained in other ways outside from the initial and final bosses of the dungeon; nonetheless, this is the first of many opportunities to gain it from them.

Inside the realm of Hades, acquiring some Titan Blood can be done in one of six distinct methods. The first method, which has already been covered, entails achieving victory over the game’s initial and final bosses. Nonetheless, players should make an effort to defeat these monsters with each of the six Infernal Arms, as the Titan Blood reward for each boss kill depends on the weapon that was used to kill the boss. After the players have defeated both the first and final bosses with all of the Infernal Arms, they will need to get ready for the heat to be turned up.

How to Get More Titan Blood in Hades

The Hades Heat system gives players the ability to increase the difficulty of their runs in a variety of different ways in order to accumulate additional rewards. In order to accomplish this, they need to gain access to the Covenant of Punishment before beginning a new effort to escape. There are a total of 20 distinct Heat levels, and completing boss fights using any one of the Infernal Arms will result in additional opportunities to obtain Titan Blood in each of these levels.

In Hades‘ Hell Mode, players are required to use the Pact of Punishment right from the beginning of the game. This will allow them to gain more Titan Blood more quickly, but at the expense of a significant increase in difficulty. The third method for acquiring Titan Blood entails carrying out responsibilities derived from the Fated List of Minor Prophecies. Titan Blood can be earned by Zagreus by completing challenges in the Underworld, such as vanquishing a predetermined number of foes or exiting the underworld with each weapon in his arsenal.

How to Get More Titan Blood in Hades

The fourth method to get it is to engage in business transactions with the Wretched Broker. The Wretched Broker can be found in the lounge section of the House of Hades. This NPC serves as a kind of exchange mechanism for Hades’ cash, allowing players to trade specific Items for others that they desire more. One bottle of Ambrosia can be exchanged for one vial of Titan Blood in a transaction that can be repeated, although there are also limited-time deals that can give greater trades.

Charon, the boatman, and the Head Chef in the House of Hades are involved in the final two means of getting Titan Blood. Those who are really fortunate may discover that Charon has Titan Blood for sale in the shop he has set up in the Temple of Styx. It’s not cheap, but if fans are looking for more of the game’s meaty content, it’s money well spent. The final method involves angling for a sturgeon in either the area occupied by the final boss or the territory that is beyond it in Greece. The Head Chef will reward one Titan Blood for each sturgeon that is turned in.


Is Titan Blood limited in Hades?

Because more powerful weapons require more Titan Blood, is there a cap on the amount of this resource that may be obtained? Nope! By the use of the Covenant of Punishment, you have a limited opportunity to accumulate a certain number of Bounties. But, you still have the opportunity to increase your earnings by using the Wretched Broker to trade in other resources.

Do you get Titan Blood every time you beat Hades?

One Titan Blood will be awarded to you once you achieve a first-time victory with a particular weapon over the game’s initial boss, who is typically Megaera. Also, you will receive an additional vial of Titan Blood if you use a weapon to defeat Hades for the very first time.

How much Titan Blood do you need Hades?

The players will require 326 Titan Blood in order to fully upgrade all of the Infernal Arms and purchase all of the available reward augments. You can earn 295 of these by fighting bosses on different Heat levels and completing all of the relevant tasks on the Fated List of Minor Prophecies. These can be found in the Fated List of Minor Prophecies.

What is the max level Hades?

Level 5
There are six different types of weaponry in Hades, and each one has four different aspects. All of them can reach their maximum level of Level 5 with the use of Titan Blood.

How many times should I beat Hades?

You will not be able to unlock the true ending until you have completed all of Persephone’s conversations with Zagreus, which requires you to have a total of ten conversations with her, counting the first one. This also entails defeating Hades an additional nine times. However, you do not need to triumph in each of these runs in rapid succession.

What should I invest Titan Blood with?

Upgrades to Weapons Obtained Through the Use of Titan Blood – Hades

The most important application for Titan Blood is to strengthen the weaponry that Zagreus employs during his several attempts to flee. You can improve the capabilities of a weapon even more by using Titan Blood after you have previously unlocked it with Keys.