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How to Add Google Sheets to Google Slides


From within Google Slides, you will learn how to create a link to a document in Google Sheets by reading the following article. This will ensure that the data is always up to date and that just the information that you want to show will be displayed on the slide. Additionally, this will ensure that the data will be displayed in the order that you specify.

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How to Add Google Sheets to Google Slides

It is simple to follow the procedures that are required to link Google Sheets and Google Slides.

Link to a Range of Data

If you want certain rows and columns to appear in Slides as a table, you can accomplish so by following these instructions.

1. You should make a selection of and make a duplicate of the range of the spreadsheet that you wish to display in the slideshow. To accomplish this, first choose the area you want to copy, then right-click on it and select the Copy option.

2. Launch the Slides file, navigate to the slide where you want the data to be pasted, and then select Edit > Paste from the menu bar.

3. Select the spreadsheet you want to link to, then select PASTE when prompted.

How to Add Google Sheets to Google Slides

4. Your Google Slides presentation now contains the same columns and rows that you copied from Google Sheets.

How to Add Google Sheets to Google Slides

You may move it wherever you need it to be by grabbing hold of the table by its edges. If required, you may even clip and paste the table into a different slide, and even if you do this, it will still be linked to the original spreadsheet.

Link to a Chart

You can create a connection to a chart in the same way that you can create links to individual cells of data—by copying and pasting. However, there is an additional approach that enables you to carry out all of these actions without ever leaving the Google Slides application.

1. To insert a chart, select Insert > Chart > From Sheets.

2. Choose the spreadsheet that already contains the chart you wish to import, then pick it again using the Select button.

3. Choose the chart that you wish to utilize in Google Slides, and then make sure the box next to “Link to spreadsheet” is checked.

4. Choose to import.

How to Add Google Sheets to Google Slides


Integrations for Google Drive and Google Sheets both

Using Zapier, you can automatically transfer data between Google Drive and Google Sheets without having to write any code. When a new file of any kind is added, this event is triggered (inside of any folder). Always be sure you do this! You can do this by copying an existing worksheet and pasting it into a new document.

Can I put an Excel spreadsheet into Google Docs?

You have the ability to import data from an Excel file into a new or existing file in Sheets. Even if you make changes to the Sheets file, your Excel file won’t be affected in any way. You can start fresh by making a new spreadsheet in Sheets, or you can open one that already exists. Import.

Can you merge data in Google Slides?

Using the Google Slides API to combine information from multiple data sources into a single, pre-formatted slide deck is an example of a good application of this API. This page will explain how you can take data from an external source and insert it into a presentation template that’s already been created.