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How to See My Google Reviews


Reading reviews is a fantastic way to acquire a sense of a location before going there in person and to share your thoughts and impressions with others. By integrating user feedback with Google Maps, Google makes this process even more streamlined and convenient. However, there are instances when experiences shift, and you could find it necessary to revise your initial review. You could also think about removing your review completely from the site.

On your home computer, you can access the Google Maps application and navigate to the contributions section to read your Google reviews there. Following this, we will demonstrate how to switch to the desktop view.

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How to See My Google Reviews

Launch your internet browser, navigate to the address, and then click the hamburger icon that represents Google Maps, which can be found in the upper left-hand corner of the page.

How to See My Google Reviews

You can select one of your own contributions from the list that is presented via the drop-down menu that can be found at the very bottom of the page.

How to See My Google Reviews

Click on the Reviews tab at the very end because this is the most crucial step. This section will store all of your past reviews for your convenience, and a list of those reviews will be displayed here.

How to See My Google Reviews


Why are Google reviews not showing 2022?

This is due to the fact that Google believes that reviews that contain URLs are more likely to be spam. If you come across a review that still contains a link after it has been flagged for removal by Google, make an effort to get in touch with the customer who left it and request that they change their review so that the link is no longer visible.

Do Google reviews expire?

If a review contains content that Google prohibits or restricts from being used in reviews, then the review will be removed. The vast majority of Google reviews are removed because they contain spam, fraudulent content, or content that is off-topic. However, the following are all of the reasons why Google may remove reviews in its ongoing effort to combat spam and inappropriate content.

Why is my Google review only visible to me?

The question is, why doesn’t my Google review appear? There is a good chance that Google filtered or removed your review because it violated the standards governing moderated reviews on the website. Google filters a small number of reviews based on factors such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other such factors.

Why does Google delete negative reviews?

To a company’s great fortune, Google has established 9 precise breaches that constitute grounds for removing fraudulent, negative, and unfavourable reviews from its rankings. A company can enhance its ratings, climb the ranks, and ultimately persuade more people to visit their business by removing reviews that are in violation of Google’s Review Policy and then deleting those reviews.

How do Google reviews work?

In rare instances, the reviews left by customers on other local review sites may be displayed under Business Profiles. These reviews are generated in an automated fashion based on information that Google collects from throughout the internet. Contact the site that provided the review in question directly if you have any questions or issues regarding the feedback provided by other websites. Educate yourself on how to obtain reviews on Google.