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How to Attach Bait to Fishing Rod In Stardew Valley


Anyone interested in improving their fishing abilities in Stardew Valley will want three things in order to do so: patience, an improved fishing rod, and some bait. Even if bait isn’t hard to come by in the game, figuring out how to effectively make use of it could prove to be a challenge. However, in order for players to be successful in catching the best legendary fish in Stardew Valley, they will require some assistance from the bait.

Players will have a much easier time catching fish in Stardew Valley if they can bait their fishing rods, but before they can do that, they will need to make the bait. Bug Meat is the ingredient that is used to create Bait, and Magic Bait is created by combining one piece of Radioactive Ore with three pieces of Bug Meat. There are a variety of different bug-class monsters that can drop Bug Meat, such as Cave Flies, Grubs, and various Bugs. The Mines and Skull Cavern are both good places to look for radioactive ore.

This fishing guide is meant to assist you so that you can have a more successful day of fishing. A wide variety of standard and specialized baits can be affixed to a fishing rod. You are not required to use bait in order to use any fishing rod; but, using bait does make it easier for fish to bite. Additionally, customized baits offer a number of extra advantages. Therefore, it might be of great use to you.

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Having the Right Fishing Rod

Even though there are many different kinds of fishing rods, only two of them allow the bait to be attached to the rod. The rod made of fibreglass and the rod made of iridium. Willy’s Fish Shop, which is situated on the beach’s piers to the south of Pelican Town, is where you may purchase either one of them. The store is closed on Saturdays, with the exception of days when it is raining.

You will be able to buy the fibreglass rod after you have reached fishing level 2, but in order to get your hands on an iridium rod, you will need to have fished your way up to fishing level 6 first.

How to Attach Bait to Fishing Rod In Stardew Valley

On a personal computer, you need to open the Inventory Screen in order to attach the bait to your fishing rod. The Toolbar is unable to make use of it. After then, you can either left-click or right-click on the bait to interact with it. When you click with your left mouse button, all of your baits will be selected; clicking with your right mouse button will choose just one. After that, all you need to do is right-click on the fishing rod to bring up other options.

PS4 – Select the entire stack of bait by pressing X on the bait; to pick up a single piece, press square instead. After that, press square again to attach the bait to the rod.
Xbox –To select the entire stack of bait, press A on the bait; press X to pick up a single piece, and then press A again to attach it to the rod.
Nintendo Switch –  you can select the entire stack of bait by pressing A, or you can pick up a single piece by using Y, and then you can press Y to attach it to the rod.
Mobile – access the Inventory screen, then use the touchpad or your finger to drag and drop the bait onto the rod.