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How to Break Garten of Banban 2


How to Break Garten of Banban 2

Garten of Banban II, also known as Garten of Banban 2, is the sequel to the original Garten of Banban game. It was released recently on March 3rd 2023. Here we will share some methods that you can use to break Garten of Banban 2.

Avoiding the Pillar Birds

In the second chapter of Garten of Banban 2, after going through a grueling class session with Bambolina, you enter a hallway with bowling pins before coming out into a room with trees and scattered Apilla birds.

One of these birds is small and blue, similar to one found out of bounds in chapter one.There is an invisible wall before the bowling pins in the hallway, so the bird cannot be dragged back to the classroom to avoid being chased by a pillar bird.

The goal in this area is to take all the Apilla bird chicks and put them in a nest, which can be a long and tedious fetch quest.

Putting three birds in the nest and then hiding in it creates a barrier between the player and the chasing pillar bird, causing the bird’s pathfinding to break, allowing the player to be safe forever in the nest.

Hanging Out with the Spider Monster

In the warehouse, there is a blue spider monster that follows the player on the ceiling. After grabbing a key card, the monster spawns, and the player must run from it while navigating arrows on the floor.

If the monster is initiated and the player goes back into the room they came from, the monster hangs out above them and runs through objects on the ceiling without regard for what’s up there. While the monster can’t get the player while they’re in the room, it can clip through the ceiling and get the player if they start jumping on top of objects outside the room.

Messing with Bambolina

During a long classroom session with Bambolina, the player can mess with her by moving around the room, causing her head to follow their movement.

There is also a rare chance that Bambolina will attack the player before they have a chance to answer a question, even while she is telling them the question. This happens when Bambolina thinks the player is not in the correct position, but it is unclear what that position is.

Breaking the Clock Puzzle

In the room with the giant yellow snail, there is a clock puzzle that requires the player to match the symbols on the clocks with the symbols on the wall.

This Puzzle can be broken by spinning the clocks without regard for the symbols until they all match up, causing the puzzle to be automatically solved. This glitch works because the game only checks if the clocks are spinning and not what symbol they land on.

Skipping the Nest Puzzle

Instead of completing the fetch quest to put all the Apilla bird chicks in the nest, the player can grab the key card, open the door, and wait on the ramp. When a pillar bird comes after them, they can jump off the ramp and run through the door.

The bird cannot fall off the ramp, so it has to turn around, giving the player enough time to get through the door. Although the player dies instantly to the giant yellow snail, the game autosaves the moment they go through the door, allowing the player to skip the puzzle entirely.


By using the 5 ways you will be able to to break garten of banban 2. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments section given below!