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How to Get a Golden Egg in Forager


how to get a golden egg in forager

How to Lay Golden Eggs in Forager: An Instructional Guide

In Forager, Golden Eggs are extremely valuable and uncommon items. They’re extremely valuable, and an NPC in a side quest needs them in order to progress. Because of this, players can’t wait to get their hands on them. However, getting your hands on a Golden Egg is no easy feat, as the method for doing so is entirely at the mercy of chance.

The Hunt for the Golden Egg

Every time a hen lays an egg, there is a remote possibility that it will be a rare Golden Egg instead. That leaves only chance as the means to acquire a Golden Egg. Players are at the mercy of chance, as there is no surefire way to amass a supply of Golden Eggs.

Boosting the Success Rate of Laying Gold Eggs

Players can boost the frequency with which Golden Eggs appear by employing a few strategies. The first strategy involves feeding chickens Animal Feed. When given to animals, this item increases the likelihood that they will drop valuable items. The likelihood of a chicken laying a Golden Egg is increased in such a scenario.

Another strategy is to stock up on Animal Feed and raise a large number of chickens. As a result, players will have more opportunities to try and trigger a Golden Egg drop at any given time, potentially cutting down on the time they spend doing so.

Patience Is Crucial

In the event that neither of the aforementioned methods yields results, players will have to be patient and keep hoping for a Golden Egg drop until they succeed. It’s not easy, but it’s well worth it in the end. Players should be aware that the occurrence of Golden Eggs is completely at random, and that there is no surefire method of acquiring them.


The question of how to acquire a golden egg in forager has been answered. Forager’s Golden Eggs are worth the time and effort it takes to gather them. Players can boost their chances of finding Golden Eggs by keeping as many chickens as possible and feeding them Animal Feed.