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How to Build Like a Pro in Fortnite Chapter 4


how to build in fortnite chapter 4

Are you struggling to keep up with the building skills of pro Fortnite players? Don’t worry, in this guide, we’ll show you some fundamental moves and techniques that will help you build like a pro in no time.

Step One: Master the Fundamentals in Creative Mode

Before you can take on other players in Fortnite, it’s essential to master the fundamental moves and techniques in Creative Mode.

The following are the key moves that every player should learn:

  1. Ramp Rush

The Ramp Rush is the most common way to start a fight. You’re building up to your opponent while they’re building up to you. The most protected way to do this is with a ramp, floor, and then wall. But if you’re trying to race to height, you’ll be wanting to sprint and place ramps while sprinting.

  1. Gain Extra Height

If your opponent is higher up than you, there are two moves you can use to gain extra height:

  • Front side High walls: Swing walls all up in front of you and try to get walls two layers up. You can jump on ramps to get over top of those walls.
  • Maneuver move: Place two walls and then jump on a quick ramp and then jump out to the side and keep ramp rushing forward.
  1. 90 Degree Turns

The 90 Degree Turn is the fastest way to get to high ground, but it’s not very protected. To do this move, you turn in 90 degree angles while jumping up layers. You swing the walls first, then place a floor and ramp. Make sure you’re looking slightly downwards while placing that floor and ramp.

  1. Protected 90 Degree Turns

To make the 90 Degree Turn more protected, you can do what’s called a Protected 90. You swing the back wall into place first, blocking your back angle where the enemy is. This is the fastest way to get to high ground on the enemy.

  1. Thwifo Cone

The Thwifo Cone blocks your top and your back. You swing walls behind you and then a cone on top and block all those angles behind you. It can be a good way to start a retake.

  1. Retake

The most protected retake is placing a ramp, swinging walls above and in front of you, and then off to either your right or left side depending on where you think the enemy is. Then, top it off with a ramp on top.

  1. Create Boxes Efficiently

You want to get the floors placed as soon as possible when creating boxes. Place the bottom floor, then place two walls. Place whichever wall is of the most danger, then place the floor on top and build the rest of the walls.

  1. Side Jumping

When side jumping, get in the habit of having your wall build out or placing a wall through the cone before actually jumping around the cone. This way, you’re protecting your angles while doing a side jump.

  1. Piece Control

There are three ways to piece control:

  • From above: Look to get a floor and cone on top of your enemy, then edit the right side of your floor and cone, place walls around the enemy and maybe a cone in their box. Place one more wall in front of them and then set up a window or some kind of right-hand peak with that wall.
  • From below: Hug a window peak, place cones above and below the enemy, and walls around them.
  • On your own layer: Place cones first and then claim the wall in front of you.

Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals in creative mode, you can start to practice them in 1v1s with some pressure. Then, transfer those skills to Arena or pubs, depending on what you usually play.

Building is a three-step process: practice in creative, practice in 1v1s, and then practice in actual games. It’s only through repetition that you’ll get better, so keep at it.