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How to Buy CBD Oil Gold Bee: A Complete Buying Guide


CBD Oil Gold Bee

There’s been a lot of buzz about CBD Oil and its purchase in the media lately. CBD Oil of the brand Gold Bee has also gained a lot of attention from oil buyers. Thus, the internet is storming with many questions about the brand, including how to buy CBD Oil Gold Bee. This buying guide is to let the buyers know about the benefits of CBD oil and also, how they can buy CBD Oil Gold Bee. Moreover, you’ll also get to explore some things about CBD oil that you should know before buying it. So, here we go.

What is CBD Oil?

Before buying CBD Oil (not just from Gold Bee but from any brand) you must know what it stands for. And also, you must know what its benefits are, what the studies say, and what effects it has on the mind. 

CBD stands for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of the active ingredients of the hemp plant (scientific name is Cannabis sativa). Simply put, cannabidiol or CBD oil is a natural molecule of cannabis, which comes from the hemp plant. It’s a molecule that helps our endocannabinoid system to function well. The endocannabinoid system is a system that regulates our sleep cycle, immune response, inflammation, mood, and more.

History of CBD Oil

Though it has gained fame in the media over the last couple of years, its discovery dates back to the early 20th century. It was in 1940 when CBD was discovered, before the discovery of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). A chemist of Harvard University, Roger Adams became the first successful person to extract CBD. And, in the 1960s, scientists finally started to see its benefits. Scientists Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and Dr. Walter S. Loewe identified the three-dimensional structure of CBD. Moreover, they also conducted tests to prove that CBD doesn’t alter an individual’s mental state.

The Production of CBD Oil

You might also want to know how CBD oil is produced. When you’ll buy CBD Oil, you’ll see “hemp extract” on the label of CBD oil. It means that the production of CBD starts with the process of extraction from the cannabis plant. Though different kinds of extraction methods are used for converting hemp into CBD products, it’s the quality of extraction that varies.

The most common method for the production of CBD Oil is with the process of CO2 (Carbon dioxide). The extraction this process provides is also of high quality. This process involves the heating of carbon dioxide and then diffusing it throughout the hemp plant to pull the oil. Then, the extraction leads to the many methods of bottling and consumption, like vape juice, tinctures, massage oils, CBD oil-infused coffee and beer, gummies, and pet treats.

How to Buy CBD Oil Gold Bee?

Now that you’ve known the necessary things about CBD Oil Gold Bee, we should get into the discussion of what has been taking the media by storm. Gold Bee uses organic hemp for all its products and this is what makes the brand special. Gold Bee is an excellent brand from where you can order CBD products. Though we have provided below a detailed overview of the brand, we must discuss first how you can buy CBD Oil from this brand.

Right now the brand recommends you to buy its products online. It suggests that it’s safe, fast, and convenient to buy CBD Oil online. Though the brand did a limited run in local shops, it eventually decided to offer its products online. You can visit their online shop to buy CBD Oil as well as their other CBD products. Moreover, sometimes the brand also offers a discount of 10% at checkout.

An Overview of Gold Bee

Gold Bee used to make organic superfoods infused with wildflower honey before it started producing CBD products. In 2019, the company decided to sell CBD products only. It was due to the fact that the founders of the brand came up with a unique formula for producing CBD products. And, this formula was the combination of high-grade hemp extracts with the superfoods that the company had been using until then.

The company then started with the production of small batches of CBD oils. When the brand received many positive views of its CBD oils, it stepped its game up by making CBD gummies and capsules. At the start of 2020, the brand launched its online portal and introduced a new product online, which was CBD honey sticks. Now, all of its products are well-known for their premium quality.

5 Reasons Why Gold Bee is a Trustworthy Brand

You can easily find many brands offering CBD Oil Gold Bee products. But, there are reasons which make the brand stand out from the crowd of average CBD brands. We have discussed below some of the main reasons.

  • 100% organic products

The source of all Gold Bee hemp is the local California farms. Organic farming methods, which involve organic fertilizers, frequent soil and air quality testing, and natural pest control, are used for the cultivation of everything. 

Hemp source is more important than anything else for the quality of the end product. Hemp plants are bio-accumulators, which means that they absorb every substance from their environment. So, the brand emphasizes organic farming. Organic hemp delivers flowers that are best in quality, free of toxic compounds, and are high in CBD.

  • Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction

In the hemp industry, COextraction is the global standard. Because running the hemp through aggressive solvents which are often difficult to purge doesn’t yield good results. In carbon dioxide extraction, pressurized carbon dioxide is used to pull the beneficial compound from hemp.

Carbon dioxide has both liquids and gas properties when it’s in its supercritical state. Thus, it effectively extracts CBD, other cannabinoids as well as terpenes without using hazardous solvents or adding extra heat. Carbon dioxide extraction ensures both the consistent concentrations and highest purity of CBD throughout the batches.

  • The Infusion with Superfoods

As discussed earlier in the article, the founders of Gold Bee had spent many years in the superfoods industry before they enrolled in CBD extracts. Now, they are using their previous experience to create unique products. The organic honey from the Brazillian rainforest is one of the features of their unique products. Moreover, their unique products feature herbal extracts such as l-theanine, turmeric, and chamomile. It’s for enhancing or complementing the health benefits of CBD.

  • Product Selection is Diverse

Just like many premium brands, Gold Bee started with a humble product selection including full-spectrum CBD oils and capsules. The brand has expanded its lineup since its launch. It expanded its lineup with full-spectrum honey sticks, vegan CBD gummies, and pet products (CBD pet oil and dog treats).

There’s also an addition of a kava root tincture extract in the brand’s collections now. It’s basically for people wanting to combine different herbal supplements to maximize their brain performance through optimal stress management throughout the day.

  • The Third-party Testing

A company isn’t trustworthy if it doesn’t test its products in an independent laboratory. Gold Bee is a trustworthy brand as from seed to bottle, it tests its products at different stages of production. The brand provides certificates of analysis including reports for their potency as well as the entire cannabinoid and terpene profile. Moreover, these certificates of analysis also include results for common contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, microbial impurities, and solvents.

NOTE: If you want to access the lab reports, you can access them through the online store of Gold Bee.

Gold Bee’s Award-winning Full-spectrum CBD Oil

We must also discuss the company’s award-winning full-spectrum CBD Oil. You can say that CBD oil is the bread and butter of the CBD space. As CBD and other cannabinoids are fat-soluble, they effectively deliver beneficial compounds to your system.

CBD Oils Gold Bee is available in two flavors and strengths which are as follows:

  • 1200 mg CBD Oil

It’s mid-strength CBD Oil. For those who want a standard dosage of CBD Oil Gold Bee, it’s the most popular option that promotes the standard dosage of 40 mg/mL.

  • 2400 mg CBD Oil

It’s high-strength CBD Oil. It’s best for people who want to address severe stress and physical comfort. Moreover, it’s best for heavyweight users.

Both of the versions are available in two 0-calorie flavors sweetened with honey: kiwi and lychee. They are also available as unflavored CBD oil.

The oil’s high terpene profile is the biggest selling point for Gold Bee as compared to the other competitors. But, what are terpenes? They are the aromatic compounds that contribute to the therapeutic potential of CBD oil. Apart from adding their own health benefits, can modulate the specific effects of cannabinoids. Terpenes have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and stress-relieving properties. Some terpenes are even capable of slowing down the metabolism or improving the absorption of CBD, thus, making it more available for the body.

As far as the therapeutic profile of CBD is concerned, CBD oils that have higher levels of terpenes tend to be more potent and versatile.

What other CBD Products Does Gold Bee Sell?

You might also want to know about the other products that CBD Oil Gold Bee sells. So, we have enlisted them below:

  • Full-spectrum CBD Capsules
  • ZERO THC CBD Gummies
  • CBD Honey Sticks
  • CBD Pet Oil
  • CBD Dog Treats (Goofy Bones)
  • Kava Root Tincture

As we have mentioned other CBD products as well, you must know how CBD products can affect your brain.

How can CBD affect your brain?

You know that cannabis plants make CBD (Cannabidiol), which is a non-psychoactive chemical. Apart from CBD, THC is also the most common chemical that cannabis plants produce. Though many people link THC with marijuana, CBD has numerous health benefits and thus, it’s becoming more popular. There are five ways through which CBD can affect your brain.

  • CBD relieves anxiety and depression

Almost everyone knows that marijuana can help alleviate anxiety. Though some people feel more relaxed and calm by consuming THC, for most people it can increase anxiety. So, this fact about THC made researchers examine CBD as a cure for depression and anxiety.

For instance, researchers conducted a study to examine the effects of CBD on the brain and anxiety levels. They discovered that CBD reduces blood flow to those areas of the brain which are linked with anxiety. The hypothalamus, which is one of those areas, usually becomes overactive in people with anxiety disorders. Moreover, in the study, the chemical was also given to the participants who reported lower anxiety levels. In this way, researchers also discovered that CBD reduced overall anxiety in those participants.

CBD also has an effective role as an antidepressant. In people with depression, CBD balances the dysfunction in the endocannabinoid system. Moreover, it also works on a serotonin receptor which is known to influence depression symptoms. 

These studies are equally important for patients and clinicians. CBD works instantly without having many side effects, whereas, antidepressants have side effects and can also take weeks to work.

  • CBD protects brain cells from harm

You may have heard that marijuana damages the brain, yes, many people believe so. But, studies suggest that CBD is one of such components of cannabis that protect brain cells from harm. The cannabinoids have neuroprotective effects, and the United States Department of Health and Human Services obtained a patent for that in 1999. According to the patent, cannabis has chemical properties which can protect brain cells in individuals with neurodegenerative diseases. Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other types of dementia are included in these neurodegenerative diseases.

  • CBD activates the endocannabinoid system

The endocannabinoid system comprises two types of receptors: CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are mainly located in the brain. Whereas, the CB2 receptors are mostly located on immune cells.

When someone consumes marijuana, chemicals like CBD Oil Gold Bee and THC activate his endocannabinoid system. Chemical THC binds with CB1 receptors located in the brain. Thus, it produces psychoactive effects like heightened mood, pain relief, hunger, and short-term memory impairments.

On the other hand, CBD doesn’t activate CB1 receptors. Therefore, CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. Instead, CBD has its daily interacts with CB1 receptors, which is that it inhibits THC from binding to CB1 receptors. So, CBD plays a role in decreasing many psychoactive effects like memory problems and anxiety that THC can cause.

  • CBD relieves pain and inflammation

People have used cannabis to alleviate pain for thousands of years. Though the pain-killing ability of THC isn’t unknown, studies suggest that can also effectively relieve pain. For managing pain, CBD acts on CB2 receptors located on immune cells. 

CB2 receptors are responsible for suppressing the inflammation response which the immune cells create. The inflammatory molecules, like chemokines and cytokines, are present at sites of inflammation. CBD decreases the amount of these inflammatory molecules. This ability of CBD helps block pain signals from going to the brain.

  • CBD fights psychosis and seizures

CBD also plays an effective role in managing epilepsy. CBD lowers the degree of excitation of cells in the brain that play a part in seizures. That’s how CBD manages seizures. Moreover, it enhances the release of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA. Thus, it stops the brain mechanisms that contribute to seizures.

There are also antipsychotic effects of CBD. It increases anandamide in the brain. Studies indicate that psychotic symptoms are decreased with the increased levels of anandamide in the brain.

So, there are many health benefits that CBD Oil Gold Bee. Hence, it helps manage both medical and mental health conditions.

Having discussed all that, you must have some queries regarding the consumption of CBD oil. Like how many drops of it you should take, should you take it on daily basis, and many more. We have answered below all such queries of yours. So that while buying CBD oil, you properly know what you are buying and how you are going to use it.

How many drops of CBD oil should you take?

CBD Oil Gold Bee

Though it depends on what your desired outcome is for taking CBD oil, you can take the approach of “start low and go slow”. So, you should start with 1ml dropper or 0.5ml droppers of CBD Oil Gold Bee drops per day. You should take this dosage once per day. Keep this dosage consistent for three days to assess how it affects you.

Would it be OK to use CBD oil every day?

Yes, it’s OK to take CBD Oil every day. Rather you should take CBD oil on a daily basis in most cases for the best results. 

What would happen if one stops taking CBD oil?

Yes, you must know about it if you opt to stop taking CBD oil. You may have a general craving to use cannabis but it’s not alarming. What’s alarming is that you can develop the symptoms of anxiety. Moreover, you can also develop the following symptoms:

  • decreased appetite
  • depressed mood
  • sleep difficulties
  • aggression
  • restlessness
  • nausea
  • irritability
  • headache
  • sweating
  • strange dreams
  • stomach pain
  • shakiness
  • increased anger

Now, lastly, we have listed some ways to take CBD oil at home.

Ways to take CBD oil at home

  • In a Capsule

You might know that CBD oil also comes in capsule form. Those who want to maintain a consistent amount of the compound in the body can take its capsule forms. Because it’s a good option for them. But if you do so, there’s a probability that you might have to wait for 30 minutes before you experience any effect. Because CBD has to pass the digestive tract when it’s ingested.

  • In Coffee

The consumption of caffeine can cause anxiety. But when coffee beans are infused with CBD, they take away the anxiety. That’s why you see an increase in the number of CBD coffee brands popping up.

  • In a salad dressing

You can avail many health benefits if you start incorporating CBD oil into your daily cooking. So, make your salad dressing delicious by adding three to four tablespoons of olive oil. Then, you can add two teaspoons of CBD. After that, add salt, pepper, and the juice of half a fragrant lemon.

  • In a tincture

A tincture is a concoction you spray straight into your mouth or take by dropper. So, you can also take CBD Oil by putting it directly under your tongue. The tongue is that part of the mouth that is a capillary-rich area. Hence, it makes CBD oil reach your bloodstream quickly. It’s better to drop a dose of CBD under your tongue and then you should hold it there for a minute before you swallow it.

  • In a topical balm or rub

As you know that CBD relieves pain, so you can also have it in balm or rub form. In this form, CBD is often blended with beeswax or with fragrant coconut oil. Because it makes it easy to spread on the skin. CBD in its balm or rub form is also effective for relieving period pain.

  • In a smoothie

For a fresh and calm start to the day, you can also add half a teaspoon of CBD oil to your morning smoothie.

How to Buy CBD Oil: Final Verdict

Many brands sell CBD oil, but Gold Bee is the most popular brand that sells CBD oil. The brand’s specialty is in its experience with superfoods. Apart from that, the products are 100% organic, their product selection is diverse, and also they do third-party testing. Moreover, the brand has also won the award for its Full-spectrum CBD Oil.

CBD has many health benefits. It also affects the mind more positively than THC does. It relieves pain and inflammation, decreases anxiety, and fights psychosis and seizures as well. Moreover, there are many ways of taking CBD oil other than just directly swallowing it.