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How to Catch an Eel in Stardew Valley


Since its release in 2016, the role-playing video game Stardew Valley has been an enormous success among gamers all over the world. The fact that the game is already five years old does not stop individuals from all around the world from continuing to play it. Not only will you get the chance to experience life on a farm, but you will also have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of activities. Fishing is one of those activities.

Fishing is known for being one of the more challenging side activities available in Stardew Valley; yet, if you get the hang of things, it can be a very rewarding hobby to partake in. You can capture a broad variety of fish inside the game of Stardew Valley; however, the focus of this specific article is going to be on teaching you how to reel in an eel.

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How to Catch an Eel in Stardew Valley

How to Catch an Eel in Stardew Valley

It is not conceivable to come across an Eel in any body of water, regardless of its location on the map. If you’re able to keep a sharp eye out for it, you’ll have the best chance of discovering it when you’re sailing out on open water. It is possible to come across an eel during the first half of the year, specifically during the spring and fall seasons. However, this is the only time of the year when this is the case.

Because the optimum time to catch an eel is between the hours of four in the evening and two in the morning, it is vital to save your strength throughout the day so that you can maximise your chances of success between those times.

How to Catch an Eel in Stardew Valley

Is Eel required for anything in particular?

You are welcome to jot down a request for an eel on the “Help Wanted” board that is situated in front of Pierre’s General Store during either the Spring or the Fall seasons. If you are able to successfully accomplish this quest, the person who sent you on it will give you 255 gold and 150 friendship points as a reward.

In addition to this, you will need to complete the Night Fishing Bundle in order to use the Fish Tank in the Community Center, which is located in the basement of the building. You will be rewarded with a Small Glow Ring if you are successful in completing all of the tasks that are included in this bundle.

There are two distinct recipes that both require eel to be used. A rundown of them can be found in the following:

  • Fried Eel
  • Spicy Eel

In addition to that, the eel has a number of other applications as well.

  • Maki Roll
  • Superior Manure and Fertilizer
  • Sashimi

There is a Sewing Machine in Emily and Haley’s house, which is located at 2 Willow Lane, and it may be operated with the Eel. In the process of fabricating the Sailor Shirt, the eel is used as a material on the spool. Eel’s also make orange dye.


When is the most optimal time to go walleye fishing?

However, the location alone is not sufficient; in order to catch walleyes, you must cast your line between the hours of 12 pm and 2 am during either the autumn season (on days that are naturally wet) or the winter season (if you have a rain totem). Outside of these times of year, under these conditions, and with this kind of weather, the usage of magic bait is the only option to capture a walleye.

Where can I locate the rivers and lakes in this area?

  • The Cindersap Forest can be found in the bottom left corner of the map, and the river can be seen winding its way into the ocean along the south side of Pelican Town.
  • Mountain Lake can be found on the whole opposite side of the map. It may be found in the top-right corner of the map, to the north of Pelican Town and to the east of Linus’ camp.
  • Cindersap Forest Pond is the place to go if you want to increase your chances of reeling in a walleye. This is the location where you have a 32% probability of having a walleye on your line if you are casting on rainy fall days.