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How to Catch Type: Null in Pokemon Sword and Shield


There have been a plethora of Pokemon video games made available up until this point. Even though each of these games features a unique set of gameplay mechanics and storylines, the desire of trainers to amass a collection of every Pokemon remains the same. You can finish your Pokedex in Pokemon Sword and Shield by capturing a legendary Pokemon known as Type: Null. This will allow you to level up your Pokedex. It eventually evolves into Silvally, another Legendary beast of the Normal type, and it is this Silvally that it becomes. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the article that you’re reading now will describe how to catch a Type: Null. So let’s get started:

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How to Catch Type: Null in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Because it is part of the postgame content, in order to obtain Type: Null, you will first need to defeat Pokemon Sword and Shield. After you have proven yourself worthy of the title of champion in the Galar region, you may travel to Wyndon and proceed to the Battle Tower. Below is a photograph that has been annotated to show the precise location of the Battle Tower in Wyndon:

How to Catch Type: Null in Pokemon Sword and Shield

After entering the Battle Power, you need just head to the left to find a standing NPC that has the Type: Null label on their chest. She will extend her congratulations on your successes in Galar and present you with a Type: Null item. After that, it will be recorded in the Pokedex, and you will also have the option to add the Legendary Pokemon to your party.

Evolve Type: Null

When playing Pokemon Sword and Shield, you can evolve a Type: Null into a Silvally by raising the friendship level of the Pokemon. Once its Friendliness value reaches 220 or more, it is considered mature enough to undergo development.

In this game, you can enhance your friendship with a Pokemon in a number of different ways, including the following:

  • Playing games with your party and making curries for your Pokemon in the Pokemon Camp can soon boost their fondness for you. Concentrate on creating curries, as doing so will drastically improve your friendship levels.
  • Berries: Eating Qualot, Tamato, Pomeg, Grepa, Hondew, or Kelpsy berries makes a Pokemon friendlier. Consuming Grepa, Hondew, or Kelpsy berries has the same effect. On the other hand, eating certain of these berries would lower the Pokémon’s other stats, like as their health.
  • When you use a Pokemon in a battle, the friendship level of both of that Pokemon will increase.
  • A Pokemon that is carrying a Soothe Bell will immediately have its Friendliness raised to the next level. If you give this item to your Type: Null Pokémon, the evolution process will definitely move forward more quickly as a result.

How to Catch Type: Null in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Overall, if you want to find Type: Null in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you need go to the Battle Tower in Wyndon. Then, all you need to do to evolve the Pokemon into a Silvally is raise its Friendly Relationship with you.


Can you breed Type: Null with Ditto?

Breeding. It is not possible to breed Pokémon of the Type Null with any other type (including Ditto). This is a one-of-a-kind species that does not correspond to either gender in the Pokemon games and also belongs to an egg group that has not yet been discovered.

How do you catch Silvally?

The Silvally cannot be captured in its natural environment. It is possible to acquire it by evolving the Type: Null that was given to the player after they became champion from the woman who was located inside the Battle Tower.

Can Type: Null be shiny?

In Generation VII, the intriguing creature known as Type: Null made its debut as Gladion’s Pokemon. As a reward for achieving the title of Champion, trainers were given this Pokemon as a present. That Type: Null has the potential to be shiny, however the one that is attainable in Sword and Shield has a shining lock on it for some inexplicable reason.

Is Type: Null stronger than Silvally?

Both Null and Silvally share the same identical stats, with the exception of speed. The Null are equipped with Battle Armor and benefit from Eviolite. Is it wise to pick Null to represent Trick Room on a team? Both are quite ineffective at higher stages, however if you are playing at lower tiers, Silvally is your best option.

Does Ash own Silvally?

The Pokémon known as Ash’s Silvally was the fifth one that Ash Ketchum caught when they were in the Alola region.

Is Type: Null powerful?

It is likely due to the fact that Type Null is an extremely powerful Pokémon that it was able to survive being cryogenically frozen for such a significant amount of time. It is plausible that the diversity of Type Null’s cells enabled it to survive a treatment such as this one, given that the vast majority of Pokémon have not been subjected to very extensive experimentation involving cryogenics.