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How to Change Airpods Pro Tips


Earbuds with a rubber tip have been around for a long time. Unlike most other types of jewellery, however, they are often only available in a single size, and if that size does not suit your ears, you are out of luck.

Apple came up with a solution in the form of AirPods Pro. Each pair of AirPods Pro comes with three separate sets of rubber ear tips, each of which is a different size from the other two sets. This means that you may make adjustments to make them more comfortable for your particular ear shape. You may also take a free test to see which size is the best fit for you.

However, it is not immediately apparent how to remove the tips when you wish to replace them. Fortunately, it is not as difficult as it appears. Here’s how to swap out the ear tips on your AirPods if you want to clean or replace them.

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How to Change your AirPod Pro ear tips

1. To remove the ear tips from your AirPods Pro, press your fingers together on either side of the rubber insert and squeeze firmly.

2. While pinching the tip of the AirPod, pull it straight away from the AirPod until it clicks off. This will need considerable force, but don’t be concerned; they will not be broken. If you’re concerned about ripping the rubber, flip the tip (as shown below) before you start working on the rubber.

3. Select a fresh set of ear tips from the box — Small, Medium, or Large — and place them in your ears.

  • When you first open the package of your AirPod Pro earphones, the tips that come connected are of the Medium size. This is the size that most people will use. Going down a size may be beneficial in cases where they are constantly falling out of your ears. Going higher may be beneficial in cases where they hurt or irritate your ears.
  • The Large and Small tips should be easily distinguishable by a simple side-by-side comparison; but, if you do happen to mix them up, each tip has a letter written on the inside of it, at the base, to help you distinguish between the two sizes.

4. To attach the new set of tips, align the oval on the edge of the tip with the oval on the speaker of the AirPods and gently press the tip into place until it snaps into position.

How to use the AirPod Ear Tip Fit Test to find the best ear tips

It might be tough to choose which ear tips are the best fit for your particular situation. For those who aren’t satisfied with the way something feels, you may use the Ear Tip Fit Test to help you decide. Your iPhone must be running iOS 13.2 or later in order to participate in the test.

1. Start by inserting your AirPod Pros into your ears and opening the Settings app on your smartphone.

2. Select “Bluetooth” from the Settings menu, which should be located towards the top of the screen.

3. Locate your AirPods Pro on the list of Bluetooth devices and choose the I information icon to the right of the device name.

4. Scroll down to the “Ear Tip Fit Test” section of the AirPod Settings page and tap it.

5. When you’re ready to begin the exam, hit the Continue button, followed by the Play button. You’ll hear some music for a few seconds through your AirPods as your phone evaluates how well they seal against your ear.