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How to Make a Crafting Table in Minecraft


Crafting Tables are quite popular in the game, and they are one of the most often used items! The reality of the matter is that you’ll find yourself employing this item whenever you’re creating items such as tools, weapons, or armour for your character. Being able to craft is simple and affordable, which is why being able to do so is critical in Minecraft! In this article, we’ll show you step-by-step how to construct a Crafting Table.

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How to Make a Crafting Table in Minecraft

The first step in creating an inventory-friendly crafting table in Minecraft is gathering some wood, turning it into planks, and then crafting yourself the table from the planks.

Step 1: Gather a Wood Log

We’ll need to collect a log of wood because we’re most likely just getting started. Punching a tree is a good way to do this! While this is a time-consuming procedure, we can make it more efficient in the future by developing an axe. For the time being, we do not require this, so simply punch the trunk of the tree to obtain wood logs.

Despite the fact that you only need a single log of wood for the Crafting Table, you may as well stock up on some more wood so that you can make some tools later on.

Step 2: Create Wood Planks

We’ll need to build some wood planks now that we’ve got a wood log on our hands. Open up your inventory and drop the log into the crafting area to complete the task.

In exchange for each log we set in there, we receive four planks of wood, which is precisely what we require. Take those freshly created planks out of the oven and store them in your inventory or on your toolbar.

Step 3: Create the Crafting Table

Please leave the Inventory window open for the time being, as you’ll need to insert the four wood planks into each of the four unfilled locations in the crafting area to complete the Crafting Table.

Toss the crafting table into your inventory or toolbar once you’ve taken it out of the crafting container.

Using the Crafting Table

The crafting table may be utilized for a variety of different tasks. Additionally, you may learn how to make things by referring to the small book that is displayed next to the 3×3 grid on which you position your goods. Using the materials you’ve gathered in the past, this will offer you recipes for items that are feasible to make with those resources. If they have a red square around them, it indicates that you are lacking all or part of the resources necessary for that particular item to function properly.

You may click or tap on that object to learn more about it, including what materials it needed and how to make it! The table may also be used to repair tools, weapons, and armour that have been damaged. If you have two objects that are damaged but are made of the same material, you can combine them to make a single repaired item.