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How To Change Arrows In Elden Ring


While some players want to get up up and personal with their opponents through physical combat, others prefer to maintain a safe distance and take them out from a distance. If this is your preferred method of play, and this is especially true for those who play ranged classes, you may be wondering how to swap between arrows and bolts in Elden Ring. It is critical to understand this since the damage caused by each type of arrow will differ and will effect foes in a different way. It may make all the difference in the world in this game when you have to switch quickly from one weaker to another stronger arrow. You can also Craft Arrows in Elden Ring with the help of Crafting Recipes.

How to Switch Arrows in Elden Ring

This is the stage at which you must assign the arrow kinds to the appropriate slots.

  • PS players: Arrow Type 1 (R1), Arrow Type 2 (R2)
  • Xbox players: Arrow Type 1 (RB), Arrow Type 2 (RT)
  • PC players: Arrow Type 1 (LMB), Arrow Type 2 (LMB + Shift)

In contrast to other games where you may truly swap arrows, you will not be able to immediately switch arrows in the Elden Ring game. What you can do is assign buttons to two different sorts of arrows so that they may be used as necessary.

  • Players can equip a maximum of two different types of arrows that they can swap between. For example, one set of arrows may be conventional, while the other set could be fire arrows.
  • Press and hold LB to aim, then use the right stick to modify your aim while holding your bow (L2/LT) in your hands.
    R1/RB to fire Arrow Type 1 and R2/RT to fire Arrow Type 2 are the buttons to press.
  • Navigate to the Equipment menu and choose the slot that will be used for the equipment. The majority of the time, they will be in the Light and Heavy Attack slots for your character.
  • You may shoot arrows by equipping them in one of the slots and pressing the appropriate button to shoot them when you unlock stronger arrows or arrows that give different advantages.



Why cant I use arrows Elden Ring?

Because Elden Ring is separated between light and heavy assaults, you are unable to swap arrows while using it. While playing samurai, you will see that the character uses two different types of ammunition. As a result, you must configure key bindings in the game’s settings.

Will Elden Ring have a map?

In addition, because Elden Ring does not feature a mini-map, instead opting for a full map screen and compass while playing, this interactive map can assist players in finding items such as the location of Legacy Dungeons or the location of in-game map places.

How do you use the Elden Ring map?

The map may be accessed by using the “G” key on a PC, the TouchPad on a Playstation, or the ChangeView button on an Xbox. The time of day is indicated by a circle at the bottom right of the display screen. At night, there are a plethora of diverse activities taking place across The Lands Between. New bosses appear, as do new varieties of opponents, and the whole atmosphere becomes more tense and hazardous.