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How to Change FOV in Dying Light 2


The long-awaited sequel Dying Light 2, which has been one of the most talked-about video games of the past year, is now out. It is even more amazing, exciting, and fulfilling than I had anticipated it would be. The fans are pleased with the gameplay experience, and the reviews reflect their satisfaction. However, one problem that a lot of players encounter when they play on a large screen is that parkour becomes a bit more difficult to do. The parkour abilities in Dying Light made the game famous, and Dying Light 2 continues that tradition.

Those who play on a large screen are going to have a really difficult time with this issue. However, there is no need for concern because Dying Light 2 provides the option to modify the FOV Slider, also known as the Field of View Slider, in order to address your problem. You will learn how to adjust your field of view (FOV) in Dying Light 2 with the help of this article. So let’s get started:

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How to Change FOV in Dying Light 2

If you are unable to master the parkour abilities required to progress in Dying Light 2, you will very quickly lose interest in the game and stop playing it. These abilities are essential to your success if you want to continue playing the game. One of the most important customization options available to players in Dying Light 2 is the ability to change their field of view. Players have access to a broad selection of customization options in the game (FOV). Adjustments made to the Field of View (FOV) Slider give players the ability to tailor the perspective they see while they are actively engaged in game play to better fit their own preferences. After this, we’ll go over the process for altering the field of vision in Dying Light 2, which is as follows:

1. Continue playing the game as normal.

2. Navigate to the menu labelled Options.

3. Simply click this link to begin watching the video.

4. Start up your browser and navigate to the Advanced Video Settings menu.

5. It should be brought to your attention that the Field of View Slider’s default setting is ‘0.’ You should make the necessary adjustments in order to better fit your needs.

How to Change FOV in Dying Light 2

To customise the FOV Slider or make other adjustments, all you need to do is follow those straightforward instructions. As can be seen, the process is very straightforward, and it won’t take you more than a few minutes to do it.


What is dying light 2 default FOV?

This gives you the ability to alter your FOV options between 1-80 FOV rather than the regular 1-20 FOV, which means that you can increase your FOV by a factor of four higher than normal in order to discover the ideal configuration for you.

Does dying light 2 have FOV PS5?

The next significant update will provide console players a field-of-view slider, which will enable them to see more on-screen activity at any given moment. Unfortunately, this FOV slider will only be available for the Xbox Series X and PS5, thus those of you who play on the Xbox Series S won’t have that option.

Is changing FOV cheating?

The vast majority of players that want first-person view do so in order to cheat. If you play with a field of view that is unreasonably high, then what you are doing is considered cheating. Because you are able to see things to your left and right that you are NOT INTENDED to see, this door has been left open. This behaviour is referred to as CHEATING!

Does changing FOV affect aim?

In first-person shooter games, field of view absolutely has an effect on your aim. Targets will appear to be closer when you have a narrower field of view, but you will have less peripheral vision, which reduces your ability to identify threats approaching from behind or from regions where you have no line of sight.

Whats the best FOV for FPS games?

FOV is not something that needs to be tweaked in order to achieve optimal performance; rather, it is an entirely personal preference. Personally, I like shooters that have a field of view of 90 degrees, and that’s what I set my own field of view to in the majority of situations where I have the option. Which type of first-person or third-person shooter do you favour more when it comes to playing shooting video games?