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How to Change Hotspot Name on iPhone


The cellular data connection of your iPhone is used by the personal hotspot feature to generate a Wi-Fi connection that other devices, such as laptops and tablets, can use to connect to the internet. If you are having difficulties locating your hotspot in the list of available Wi-Fi networks, this article will show you how to alter the name of your hotspot in just five easy steps to make it easier for you to find.

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How to Change Hotspot Name on iPhone

1. Launch the app and select Settings.

How to Change Hotspot Name on iPhone

2. Navigate to the “General” tab and press it.

How to Change Hotspot Name on iPhone

3. At the very top of the page titled “General,” select the “About” option.

How to Change Hotspot Name on iPhone

4. At the very top of the following tab, select the “Name” option.

How to Change Hotspot Name on iPhone

5. Give your iPhone any name you like, and then touch the “Done” button.

Now that you’ve changed the name on your iPhone, you’ve also changed the name of your personal hotspot. Go out there and boast about the name of your mobile hotspot to everyone you meet.

Other devices will be able to view it publicly, but the password that is displayed in the settings of your hotspot will be required in order to access it.


What is iPhone hotspot called?

Personal Wireless Network
Sharing an iPhone’s cellular internet connection with other devices can be done with the use of a feature called Personal Hotspot. When other devices in your home don’t have internet connection through a Wi-Fi network, you might benefit from using a personal hotspot.

Launch the option that deals with Wireless and Networks/Connectivity. Tap the Tethering & Hotspot option when you’ve located it. Open (Portable) Wi-Fi hotspot. You will notice Hotspot name in addition to the other hotspot options.

How secure is iPhone hotspot?

If you use an acceptable level of protection on your connection, such as WPA2, then the answer is yes; otherwise, it is just as risky as using any other WiFi network. It is necessary to have a password, which must be at least 8 characters long, and the hotspot function of Wi-Fi relies on the WPA2 Personal security protocol.

Can an iPhone be used as a hotspot?

You may turn your iPhone into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot by following these instructions. Sharing your phone’s Internet connection with other Wi-Fi-enabled devices is now possible thanks to this feature.

Why did my hotspot name change?

If the internal app is updated, the name may also be modified. Therefore, this modification can be made by either an upgrade of the apk or even if you upgrade the system itself.

Is hotspot harmful for phone?

It is simple and convenient for the modern mobile lifestyle to be able to turn your Android phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot or to use the personal hotspot feature of the iPhone to share the iPhone’s data connection with other devices. Both of these capabilities allow you to connect multiple devices to the internet at the same time (such as your laptop and iPad). On the other hand, it might wreak havoc on the amount of time your phone’s battery lasts for a charge.