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How to Change Scroll Direction on Mac


When you attach an external mouse to your Mac, you may find that the scroll direction behaves in a manner that is counter to your expectations. On a Mac, thankfully, switching the direction that the mouse moves in is a rather straightforward process, and if necessary, reverting to the previous option is just as uncomplicated. On this page, we will demonstrate how to change the direction of scrolling on a Mac when using an external mouse.

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How to Change Scroll Direction on Mac For External Mouse

1. System Preferences can be accessed by selecting Apple from the menu that appears in the upper-left corner of the screen.

How to Change Scroll Direction on Mac

2. Make the mouse click.

How to Change Scroll Direction on Mac

3. You can either check the box next to Scroll Direction: Natural or uncheck it.

How to Change Scroll Direction on Mac

Rolling the mouse wheel up will scroll down when the checkbox is ticked, and rolling it down will scroll up when the checkbox is unchecked. Rolling the mouse wheel up will scroll down while it is unchecked, and rolling it down will scroll up when it is checked. Choose the one that feels natural to you, and remember that you can always revert to the previous setting if you change your mind.


How do you fix reverse scrolling on a Mac?

Launch System Preferences on your Mac, then select Trackpad or Mouse from the drop-down menu. To disable the “Scroll Direction” option, navigate to the “Scroll & Zoom” section of the trackpad’s settings and then uncheck the box next to it.

Why do Macs scroll backwards?

Apple made a change to their scrolling direction a few years ago to follow this comparison because they wanted to provide a common standard across all of their devices and since the popularity of touch screens was growing at the time. A touch screen device is a macintosh’s touchpad, which functions in this capacity. Because Windows must continue to support its legacy users, the company has not converted to natural scrolling.

Why is my scroll wheel inverted?

It’s possible that dust has formed around the scrolling wheel of your mouse, causing it to start scrolling in the wrong way. Other times, the explanation is more complex, but still rather straightforward. Outdated batteries are another typical factor that contribute to wireless mice scrolling in the incorrect direction. On the other hand, the mouse driver is almost always the source of the issue.

Why does my scroll wheel go up and down Mac?

The pointer is yet another possible setting that is to blame for the problem with the scroll wheel that continues jumping. In the mouse settings, you need to deactivate the option that says “Hide pointer while typing.” Open the Mouse settings menu in the Control Panel, just as we did earlier. After that, head on over to the Pointer Options section of the Mouse Properties.

What is Aeserver on Macbook Pro?

On macOS, the AE Server, which is also referred to as the AppleEvents Server, is in charge of managing Remote Apple Events. Because of this, programmes running on other Macs are able to send AEs to the computer in question. Check the Sharing section of System Preferences to determine if the Remote Apple Events option is turned on.