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How to Charge a PS4 Controller Quickly


One of the maximum famous consoles for gaming is the PlayStation 4. When you’re gambling an thrilling game, It doesn’t take lengthy to your controller’s battery to be absolutely drained , so it’s critical to understand a way to fee it quickly.

You can flip off the mild bar, speaker, and vibration to fee the controller faster. The Dual Shock desires 5V 800 mA of electricity to fee, however if the consumer is charging the controller and the usage of it simultaneously, the console will use a part of the electricity deliver to operate.

Why Is My PS4 Controller Not Charging Fast?

A sluggish price can end result from unique situations, considering the incorrect charging electricity charge, a less expensive charging cable, or battery degradation. PS4 controllers, the Dual Shock 4, have a 3.7 V, one thousand mAh lithium battery that makes use of a electricity charge of 5V 800 mA for running and charging.

That method the controller desires to obtain at the least 5V 800 mA of electricity to price properly; otherwise, it’s going to price slower than it should.

Charging a PS4 controller is one of the simplest matters ever. You handiest want to attach the controller with its micro USB cable to the console or plug the Dual Shock right into a charging station. When the battery has absolutely drained, the controller can take 2 hours or extra to be completely charged.

The mild bar will activate and blink in oranges; then, whilst the controller has charged, the mild bar turns off. When the gadget is in relaxation mode, the consumer can price the controller.

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How to Fix PS4 Controller Charging Issues?

The controller comes along side a micro USB cable used to attach the Dual Shock to the console. The cable can be used to rate the controller, and, for the Dual Shock four ver 2, it’s also used for a game-stressed experience.

Plug the controller into the USB mini cable after which to the console. The mild bar will blink in orange whilst it’s miles charging, and while the battery is completely charged, the mild bar will dim.

But, if the battery is taking greater time than traditional to rate, or it isn’t charging at all, you have to strive the subsequent hacks.

Check the charging port and the cable

The first matters to test are the charging port and the charging cable. These gadgets are specifically worried with inside the charging process. So, earlier than attempting some thing extreme, test the charging port and the cable first.

Charging Cable. The cables degrade over time, and if the consumer is careless approximately its use, the cable will harm faster. Luckily, the Dual Shock four makes use of a easy Micro USB connector, so extrade the present day cable used to any other one, and if the controller begins of evolved charging fine, the difficulty became the cable.

Another manner to test if it’s far the cable is the use of the equal cable with every other controller (let’s name it controller #2). In this manner, you could additionally test if the hassle is the cable or the controller. If controller #2 fees with the cable, the hassle will be the port.

Charging Port. If you attempted the charging cable with every other controller, and this charged, the trouble will be the charging port.