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How to Charge an Apple Mouse


The first Apple Magic Mouse utilized batteries that could be changed out, while the Apple Magic Mouse 2 has a battery that is built in and cannot be removed; instead, it needs to be charged. This is in contrast to the original Apple Magic Mouse, which utilized batteries that could be changed out. By carefully following the steps outlined in this book, you will acquire the knowledge necessary to charge a Magic Mouse.

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How to Charge an Apple Mouse

1. In order to operate the Magic Mouse 2, you must first flip it over. You will not be able to replace the battery, but you can charge it by using a lightning cable to connect your device to an external power supply.

  • In order for your Mouse to have the most effective charging performance possible, you will need to make sure that it is turned on.

2. Find the port where the lightning will enter. The rectangular cutout is buried away beneath a few icons and some text close to the bottom of the mouse. It can be found by looking in that area.

  • You should have received a lightning cable along with the Magic Mouse that you ordered so that you could charge it. You can use this cable to charge the mouse. You are able to use any other lightning cable in its place if you do not have access to that particular cable.

3. Through the use of the Lightning cable, connect both an adapter and a power supply to your device. To use the adaptor that is placed on the wall, simply connect the USB end of the cable to the adaptor. The wall adapter is a cube that is white in colour and has a rectangular shape. On one side, it features two prongs that are intended to be put into a wall socket, and the other side does not.

  • To charge your mouse through the usage of your computer, all you need to do is enter the USB end of the cable into one of the available USB ports on your computer. On the other side, you are unable to use the mouse while it is charging because it cannot be used simultaneously with charging.

4. Establish a connection between your Lightning cable and your Magic Mouse 2 by utilizing the corresponding connector. It ought not to make a difference which way around the Lightning plug is inserted for the cable to function.



Does Apple mouse light up when charging?

When you connect your mouse to your computer using the USB cable, a teeny-tiny green light will illuminate close to the port that allows the mouse to be charged.

Why isn’t my Apple mouse working?

Perform a Power and Battery Test.

If you have an older model of the Magic Mouse, you should switch out the AA batteries. If that doesn’t work, check to see if you have a later model of the Magic Mouse 2 that has a built-in battery. If so, charge the mouse using its Lightning connector for a few minutes before attempting to switch it back on. You are in luck if it continues to function.