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How to Choose a Smartphone for Playing Online Slots


When choosing a new smartphone, you’ll need one that can handle a range of uses. While most will be able to deal with standard apps such as social media and messaging, people are increasingly demanding more of their mobile devices.

Smartphones have now become mini entertainment hubs, suitable for streaming television, film and music, and playing all types of complex games, including live games and casino. Below, we discuss the considerations you should make if you plan to use your smartphone for online slots.

Screen and Refresh Rates

While slots are not at the level of many high-powered games yet, their graphical capabilities have come a long way. A look at the selection of Paddy Power online slots, particularly ones with bonus rounds, shows that they use a lot of movement, high-resolution color palettes, and detailed sprites. With so many animations in the games, along with information such as bonuses and totals that are constantly changing, a device needs to be powerful to process and display each aspect of the game in time.

For this, you need to look at refresh rates to ensure animations are smooth and fluid, especially if you want to play more complex games. This is a measure of how many times the images on the screen change within a second. Most phones will have a refresh rate of 60hz, and that will suffice for the average slot game. You may want to think ahead and get one with a rate of 90hz, as they are bound to improve. This can also help if you want to play live bonus round games, where you will be viewing people through streaming technology.

Of course, the bigger the screen, the better it will be. This is a compromise between having a phone that is easy to transport and one big enough to display your favorite titles. Most Samsung Galaxy models will have large enough displays for slot games.

Memory and Battery

Most slots and mobile casino games require at least 4GB of ram to operate smoothly. You do not want anything less, as juddering games and consistent crashing will hinder your chances of a win. The higher you go, the more likely your phone will be to cope with the demands of complex games. It will also keep it more usable as games evolve and place higher demands on the system.

The battery only matters if you are planning to travel for long periods and play games. Of course, everyone prefers to have a lasting battery surely to make life easier. You can always take an additional power source if you wish. Luckily, even the biggest games will not take that much juice from your battery, even when played for a long period. A battery capacity of roughly 5000mAH will work for most.

iOS or Android

System requirements and compatibility are extremely important when playing online slots, particularly if you have a favorite game, developer, or chosen provider. Few casinos will use Flash-based applications anymore and instead opt for HTML5 which can be played through a browser.

Luckily, the main casinos will operate on both platforms, as will their slot titles. With an Apple iOS device, make sure it has version 10 or higher so you can enjoy the most up-to-date titles without any problems. With Android, you will need 7.0 or higher. By following the above requirements, you should be having fun playing the latest slot games in no time.