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How to Clean a Clear Phone Case


You will learn how to clean a clear phone case by following the instructions in this article. In some circumstances, soap and water will serve, but if you need to do some heavy-duty cleaning, you may want to consider investing in a brush, a microfiber cloth, and some isopropyl alcohol to get the job done.

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How Can I Make My Phone Case Clear

Remove any dirt or debris from your case before you begin cleaning it. You should also remove any frayed or peeling portions that could cause bigger sections of your case to come apart during the cleaning process, if any are present.

1. To begin, proceed to the sink and turn on the water until it feels warm to the touch. It is not necessary for it to be a set temperature, and a little bit of warmth is quite OK.

2. Using a brush or a sponge, scrub any apparent dirt or grime off your case, making sure to get into the corners.

3. Using a generous quantity of soap, thoroughly clean your case’s interior and exterior. No need to be overly gentle, but do take care not to break, tear, or shatter your case depending on the material used.

4. Remove all of the soap from your case and let it to dry completely. If you are satisfied with its cleanliness, you are finished; if you are not, it is time to break out the booze.

5. Wet a microfiber cloth with a small amount of isopropyl alcohol, and wipe clean the entire surface of your case with it. Once this is done, concentrate your efforts on any stains or yellow spots that need to be scrubbed thoroughly. Reapply alcohol to the cloth as needed.

6. Continue in this manner until you are completely satisfied. Immediately cease using your case if you detect any chipping, cracking, tearing, or anything else that indicates you’re being too tough with your case.



How can you protect a phone without a case?

In the event that you do not intend to employ a case, a screen protector might aid you in keeping your display safe. Because keys and other items that can harm your phone are readily ignored when it is kept in a pocket or purse, this is not a good idea. Keep it away from the edges of tables and shelves while you’re not using it, and take special steps to prevent dropping it.

How can you customize a clear phone case?

If you’re searching for a quick DIY project, try decorating your transparent case with amusing stickers, imitation gems, or glitter to make it more interesting. Alternatively, you might try painting the casing with nail polish. A few pressed flowers placed within the case might add a romantic touch to the presentation.

How do you remove a phone case?

Gently peel a corner of the phone case away from the phone, then repeat the process with the other corner on the same side of the phone. Remove the entire side of the phone case, and then carefully remove the phone out of the case entirely.. In the event that your phone drops unexpectedly, you may wish to place a cloth underneath it while you are doing this.