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How to Clear the Cache on Your Android Tablet Apps


It is a basic and uncomplicated process to clear the cache of your apps; however, it is important to keep in mind that you will need to clear the cache of each app separately because there is no method to execute this action across all apps at the same time. On the other hand, if you have a specific programme that is malfunctioning or that you are aware uses a significant amount of data, it may be helpful to start there first.

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How to Clear the Cache on Your Android Tablet Apps

1. On the home screen of your iPad, look for a button labelled “Settings,” then tap on that button.

2. Go to the “Storage” tab in the menu.

How to Clear the Cache on Your Android Tablet Apps

3. In the “Storage” area, depending on the kind of device you have, choose either “Other Apps” or “Internal Storage.” This decision is made in the “Storage” section.

4. Navigate to the application whose cache you want to clear, and then tap on the icon for the application.

How to Clear the Cache on Your Android Tablet Apps

5. Choose the option to “Clear cache” from the menu.

How to Clear the Cache on Your Android Tablet Apps

This process will need to be repeated for each programme whose cache you want to clear off, so keep that in mind. Be aware that the next time you use the app, it will need to redownload all of the relevant data and information from scratch because it will no longer save this information on the device itself. This is because the app will no longer save this information.


Should I clear cache on tablet?

If you use Chrome on your Android phone or tablet, emptying the cache on your Chrome installation should make browsing more efficient and give you more storage space. The procedure should be the same whether you are using an Android handset manufactured by Samsung or any other brand.

What does Clear cache mean on my tablet?

Clearing your cache will help you save some space on your mobile device’s storage in the near run. However, this is really a band-aid solution because fresh cache files are constantly being generated as you use different applications. If the amount of free space on your device is so limited that you must clean cache on a frequent basis, it is probably time to update to a new phone.

What happens when you clear cache?

You will have some of the space in your storage returned, but nothing that you have downloaded will be removed. It is possible that user data, such as your preferences or search history, will be cleared if you delete an app. It’s possible that you have bloatware on your phone if, after cleaning the cache of a suspicious programme, the device is still unresponsively slow.

Does clearing cache delete passwords?

If you continue with deleting the cache without ticking the checkbox that is located before the area labelled “Passwords and other sign-in data,” then the answer to your question is “No,” and the passwords will not be removed along with the cache.

Will clearing cache delete pictures?

If you do not minimise the quantity of photographs currently stored on your device, the cache will need to be rebuilt again.