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How to Complete Clean and Snatch Lost in Dead Island 2


The Clean and Snatch mission, which claims to take you to a stolen heirloom sword, is the most likely to be the first Lost and Found quest that you will come across in Dead Island 2’s Lost and Found section. We believe that it has the most potential to be discovered first, but the reason we say this is solely because you can get there rather quickly in the narrative. Because there is no indication of the location of this quest anywhere on your map, you will likely miss it if you aren’t actively looking for it. This quest needs a significant amount of looking around based on clues that aren’t particularly helpful, which is even more frustrating. In this essay, we will walk you through the steps of cleaning and snatching missing in Dead Island 2. So let’s get started:

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How to Complete Clean and Snatch Lost in Dead Island 2

Once you have arrived in Beverly Hills and made your way to Rikky’s residence, where you will be required to shut certain gates, you can begin the Clean and Snatch quest. Check the pool for a note if it is safe to do so once the area has been secured. It will be located on a crate that is submerged in the water. After reaching this point, you will need to continue following Obi around the pool as he cleans it so that you may get the next three clues.

1. The first pool you’ll want to hit is the one that’s due north of where you started. Climb up on top of the wall and retrieve the phone that is sitting on one of the deck chairs near the pool.

How to Complete Clean and Snatch Lost in Dead Island 2

2. Head back to Michael’s home and hop in his pool when you get there. Since the water has been drained, you can now descend to the ground and retrieve the clue from a toolbox.

3. The final piece of information is the most perilous to get. If you are doing this quest around the time you reach this point in the story, the zombies you are about to come across will be so much higher in level than you are that they will kill you instantly with a single attack. The place in question is located on a hilltop to the west of where Rikki lives, in the direction of straight west. You’ll recognize it as the correct one due to the abundance of poisonous barrels and sludge that can be found all around it. To obtain the last piece of information on the edge of this curving pool, you must sprint through the very back corner.

4. If you thought the first half of this quest was difficult to decipher, the second portion is even more straightforward: all you have to do is determine which pool belongs to Obi’s crush. If you’ve previously been to practically all of the pools in town, you might be tempted to visit the few left, but the pool in question isn’t even located in Beverly Hills. You will need to make your way back to Bel-Air and proceed to the residence in the neighborhood’s southernmost tip, commonly called the “GOAT Pen.”

How to Complete Clean and Snatch Lost in Dead Island 2

5. As soon as you reach this residence, look for the pool and look for a zombie named “Obi.” When you discover him, put an end to his suffering.

6. Gather the set of keys that he has dropped.

How to Complete Clean and Snatch Lost in Dead Island 2

7. Now that you have the keys, you may return to where you began this quest and use them to open the crate. The Electrocutor Officer’s Sword will be found within the case. Although we aren’t really sure how that qualifies as a “heirloom,” it certainly packs a powerful punch!


What is lost and found in Dead Island 2?

There are a total of 15 Lost and Found tasks that must be finished in Dead Island 2. To begin any of these quests, you must first locate the appropriate Collectibles or consult the Missing Persons Report board located in the Serling Hotel. You should be on the lookout for unique Weapons as you search for the missing citizens of Hell-A and discover hidden caches as you go.

Where is 143 glitterati corner in Dead Island 2?

Next, make your way to the second site, which can be found at 143 Glitterati Corner and is conveniently located just around the corner from the Beverly Hills entrance. Additionally, you can interact with the mail that is located just beyond the gate here.

What is the secret weapon in Dead Island 2?

The Wildstyle is a one-of-a-kind weapon that can be found in Dead Island 2 and has the appearance of a firefighter’s axe combined with blow torches. In order for players to get it, they must first finish the side quest “The Art of War” on Ocean Avenue.

How many guns are in Dead Island 2?

In Dead Island 2, you will be killing hundreds, if not thousands, of zombies, and the development team has included a wide variety of weapons for you to choose from in order to make your time spent in HELL-A more entertaining. There are a total of eight different types of melee and ranged weapons to discover and equip, and they are split evenly between the two categories.

What is the best pistol in Dead Island 2?

The famous heavy pistol known as Big Shot is the most powerful of all the firearms that can be acquired in Dead Island 2. After completing the optional side mission titled “It’s Not Our Fault,” which is another task players will discover when exploring Bel-Air at the end of the game, they will be able to unlock this rifle.