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How to Complete the Dark Talisman in Stardew Valley


After finishing the Community Center bundles or completing all of the Joja Mart tasks (the evil way), the Dark Talisman quest will start as soon as you approach the train station in the mountains once you have finished all of the Joja Mart tasks. If you choose the evil route, the Dark Talisman quest will start when you finish the Community Center bundles. The Wizard will explain that he needs his magic ink back from his ex-wife, the Witch, and that he needs the Dark Talisman in order to infiltrate her lair in order to reclaim it. He will also say that he needs the Dark Talisman in order to retrieve the Dark Talisman. Following the steps outlined on this page will allow you to successfully finish the quest in Stardew Valley that is required to get the Dark Talisman. So let’s get started:

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How to Complete the Dark Talisman in Stardew Valley

Part 1:

If you do not already own the sewer key, you will need to make a minimum donation of sixty items to the museum in order to acquire it and proceed with the mission. You can unearth artifacts and minerals by digging up worms in any part of the map or in any of the mines. Worms can be discovered anywhere on the map. If you have the key, you should go down into the sewers and speak with Krobus, who is the sole character down there.

How to Complete the Dark Talisman in Stardew Valley

Part 2:

Krobus will tell you that he was careless with the Dark Talisman and that he dropped it in the Mutant Bug Lair. He will tell you that it is up to you to retrieve it. The entrance to the lair can be found through the door that is located on the left side of the sewers and has green slime oozing out of it. You won’t spend much time in the Bug Lair; thus, continue traveling north until you locate the treasure chest that contains the Dark Talisman. When you have it, pack it up and make your way back to the mountains where you met the Wizard for the first time.

How to Complete the Dark Talisman in Stardew Valley

Part 3:

To remove the statue that is in your way on the route to the Witch’s hut, you will need to make use of the Dark Talisman. A Goblin will stand in your way as soon as you enter the room. The only way to get by him is to offer him void mayonnaise, which can be obtained from void chickens when they lay void eggs. This is the only way. If you do not have any void mayonnaise, you can go to Krobus and purchase a void egg. Then, you can use a mayo machine to turn the egg into mayonnaise. Once you’ve handed it over to the goblin, he’ll open the door for you. Proceed into the Witch’s dwelling and take the ink from the table there. If you step on the red sign that’s been placed on the floor, you’ll be instantly transported to the Wizard’s home.

How to Complete the Dark Talisman in Stardew Valley

When you have finished communicating with the Wizard, he will reward you by opening his shop and granting you permission to construct magical buildings on your farm. These structures include the Jumino Hut, which is home to the Jumino spirits that harvest crops from your farm, and the Obelisks, which will teleport you to specific sections of the world when you click on them.


What do I do with the dark talisman Stardew Valley?

In the Mutant Bug Lair, there is a chest where the Dark Talisman can be discovered. Getting a hold of it is one of the objectives of the Dark Talisman quest. It is put to use to open the passage at the railroad’s terminus in the north-eastern most point.

How do you trigger the witch quest in Stardew?

There are two quests included in the questline that must be completed in order to gain entry to the Witch’s Hut. Either the Community Center Packages or the Joja Community Development Form must be completed first.

Who is the wizard’s wife in Stardew Valley?

The witch that resides in the marsh is actually the Wizard’s wife. She lives there. After completing the community center, the player will be given the opportunity to discover more about her. It is revealed that the witch used to be a normal lady; however, an event that occurred between her and Rasmodius caused her to develop feelings of envy and become a witch.

What does the goblin want Stardew Valley?

The purpose of the quest Goblin Problem is to assist the party in figuring out how to avoid being detected by the Henchman. A book that was misplaced at the library reveals that goblins are fond of void mayonnaise; hence, the Goblin will move aside when the player has given him a present of void mayonnaise, at which point the player will be able to enter the Witch’s Hut.

Can I marry the wizard in Stardew Valley?

You shouldn’t count on the Wizard to be at home very often, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to woo them because they don’t travel around all that often. They are a prospective spouse who will spend a significant amount of time away from their family and friends.